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1850 Orkz
Old 23 Jul 2009, 16:58   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default 1850 Orkz

Like everyone else pretty much posting, this is about all my models. My idea was everyone is mobile in some way, everyone has some type of transportation or can infiltrate except the one squad with the wierdboy, wich has a chance to deepstrike. The infiltrators are kind of expensive though, so wondering if i should make the wierdboy squad bigger and just have another foot slogger. The Wierdboy is the one model i dont have, but it seemed to fit the need for the last troop unit and points wise works out. I also ran out of Nobs and Power klaws, but i would like to make the shootas a full 20 squad at some point with a nob and PK, maybe lower the amount of troops in the infiltrators, or get rid of a kopta.

Warboss 110
Cybork, 'eavy armor, BP TL shoota (to go with the Nobz)

Weirdboy 55
(to go with the footslogging troop)

5 Lootas 75

15 Kommandos 200
2 burnas, Nob PK BP

14 Shoota boyz 89
1 Big Shoota (for the BW)

23 Boyz 188
2 Big Shoota, Nob PK BP
(with the Wierdboy)

10 Nobz 395
'eavy armor, 6 'uge choppas, PK
Waagh Banner, Painboy, orderly
Trukk Reinforced Ram

Fast Attack
10 Stormboyz 160

6 Bikerz 190

3 Deffkoptaz 135

Heavy Support
Battle Wagon 130
Deff Rolla, Kannon, Grots, Big Shoota

Looted Wagon 120
Boomgun, Big shoota, 'ard case

Total points is 1847 with 91 models
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Old 23 Jul 2009, 17:08   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1850 Orkz

I like it. One minor critique. I'd reduce the 14 Shoota Boyz down to 12 and put them in the Trukk. Take the Nobz and put them in the BW, just swap them around. The Nobz are the meaty unit that needs the protection more, let the Boyz ride in the death trap.
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Old 23 Jul 2009, 17:11   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 59
Default Re: 1850 Orkz

Yeah thats a good idea. Only reason i didnt do that was the thought that i want it to be a full 20 squad at some point, but with only 2 extra until i get more models I think I will play the games that way. Only downside is that the death trap gets my super unit up close quicker being fast, were i was imagining the BW as a mobile firing platform.
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Old 23 Jul 2009, 17:26   #4 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 2,645
Default Re: 1850 Orkz

Rule of thumb, if you're using the BW to transport units then treat it as a transport in terms of movement and weaponry. I usually only give my BW a single big shoota when being used as a transport. It's cheaper and fits the job.

The thing with the Nobz in a Trukk is that the extra speed would make them a priority target and you'd stand a good chance of losing it before you reach their lines; then you start getting picked off on foot. I always try and send something ahead of my stompy units, like you with the Boyz. They have to choose between prioritizing the fast unit that will reach them first or the stompy unit that's moving slower but sure to do more damage.
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