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2000 point Ork list
Old 23 Apr 2009, 07:31   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default 2000 point Ork list

Okay so here is the story ladies and gentlemen. I am very long time tau player who is finally looking to branch out and start a second army. After much deliberation, thoughts, and posts on theoretical army lists I have decided to start an Ork army. This is a big list I am posting, and don't plan on buying everything up front, but this is how I would generally like to see it progress. So without further ado.....


Warboss Dregzag
w/ PK, Cybork Body, 'Eavy Armor
100 points

Big Mek Skabgrob
w/KFF, Burna, Cybork Body, 'Eavy Armor
120 points


Dregzag's Eeleete
7 nobz w/ 1 PK, 6 Big Choppaz, 1 Pain Boy, Bosspole, Waaaagh Banner, 'Eavy Armor
280 points

Dregzag's Smasha Wagon
1 Battle Wagon w/ Armor Plates, Deff Rolla, 2 Rokkit Launchas
140 points

Trukk Boyzx3
12 Boyz w/ Nob, PK, 1 Big Shoota, Bosspole
117 Points

w/ Reinforced Ram
45 points

Wagon Boyz
20 Boyz w/ Nob, PK, 2 big shootas, Bosspole
170 Points

w/ 2 Rokkits, Armor Plates
105 points

Fast Attack

3 Buggies w/ TL rokkits, and Trakks
120 Points

Heavy Support

Looted Wagonx2
w/ Boomgun and 'Ard Plates
115 points

Battle Wagon
w/ 2 Rokkits, Armor Plates, Deffrolla
140 points

Total:1996 Points

My only question would be is shootas or choppaz on the Trukk Boyz? I know on the big squad in the Wagon will go with choppaz, but I am thinking shootas on the smaller trukk boy squads. I think it makes them more versatile, and more viable when sitting on objectives.

So I really like the theme of just having a seemingly insane amount of Ork armor screaming across the field. I see the list as a Bad Moon list, since who else can have enough teef to afford all this grate stuf? I really like the upredictablilty of the Trukks and the Looted Wagons. Makes the game so much more interesting for everybody involved.

However my question for everybody would be this. Is this too much armor? My friends and I play kinda of competitively, but only in our group of friends which is like 7 or 8 of us. We rarely if ever play in tournaments. Now, I actually think this army is horribly vulnerable with its low model count, but with presenting nothing but 14 pieces of armor I can see somebody getting grumpy.

Please feel free to rip apart the list as you see fit, I really want to know what people think.

Thanks guys and gals.
The world is a mess, and I.......just have to rule it.
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Old 23 Apr 2009, 08:01   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000 point Ork list

I think the list looks great. I would change very little. Minor adjustments would be to take a rokkit off each battlewagon and add them to two trukks. Spreading out your rokkits lets you fire at more targets, and makes it harder for your opponent to silence them. Having two on a battlewagon seems like a waste since you can't fire both of them.

I would split the buggies into three groups of two instead of two groups of three. Will hurt you a little in kill point missions but will give you a lot more flexability.

I would make at least one trukk mob into shootas. I have a 1:5 ratio of shootas to sluggas, but I might change that to a 1:3. Shootas are just too good against enemy units you really don't want to charge like genestealers and bloodletters.

I'm assuming that you are going to put the boss and mek with the nobs in their wagon? I would consider putting the warboss with the other wagon, or in one of the trukks. You've got a lot of points being carried in that nob battlewagon, and I'm sure your opponent will try their hardest to kill it. Overall great list though. You've got the bare necessities and didn't waste points on shiny gear.
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Old 23 Apr 2009, 14:22   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 26
Default Re: 2000 point Ork list

Thanks Scoutfox, I appreciate the comments. The splitting of the Warbuggies is actually for the best. I wrote the list at 2am and then posted it, so I didn't take the time to break things down.

I didn't think about the Rokkits on the Wagons, but my thought was that the wagons would rumble forward and disgorge their contents. After that they would sit tight and try to pick off vehicles. I also like the Big Shootas on the Trukks because with only 12 boys per squad I imagine having the 3 extra shots could make a slight difference before assault.

As far as where the Warboss and Big Mek Travel, I hadn't completely decided yet. For starters I was going to run them all together and see where it goes, but I am more than open to the idea of splitting them up.

Keep it coming folks, this is really my first serious attempt at an Ork list, so any ideas are welcome.
The world is a mess, and I.......just have to rule it.
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Old 21 May 2009, 06:10   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 2000 point Ork list

I'll be honest and say i only read one of them and i noticed you did the math wrong. So you may want to go back and redo the math for everything. Heres the one i saw

Trukk Boyzx3
12 Boyz w/ Nob, PK, 1 Big Shoota, Bosspole
117 Points

I'm sorry but thats not 117 points im an orc player and i make trukks with da boyz and nob w/ klaw all the time and heres the more accurate point value

Truck 35
12 boys = 72 plus the nob (10 points) 82 then the klaw so 107
add them together and you've got 142 and thats not including the big shoota and bosspole you have thats what another 10 points? so 152 total

Hope that helps ya out
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Old 21 May 2009, 14:30   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: 2000 point Ork list

He's got his values right. The trukks are listed separately, which makes sense since the are technically separate units, and you forgot the big shoota and bosspole in your calculations on the cost of the boyz. Read the entire list before you make comments about math. Also, this thread is near a month old, so you're teetering on necromancy. Watch it.
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