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Kellies herouz - my Ork army at 1500 points!
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Default Kellies herouz - my Ork army at 1500 points!

Anyone that knows about one of the best movies ever made, Kellys heroes? Well, my orkz are a tribute to that movie, and all units are more or less based on stuff from that movie. I am working on naming all my character somewhat properly.


Warboss Kellie
Twin linked shoota, Powerclaw, heavy armour, Cybork body and bosspole. 110 points


Big Joes nobz mob
7 Nobz, including Zergant Big Joe.
Big Joe got a twin-linked shoota and a bosspole. The others got slugga and chopa. All have heavy armour and stikkbombs.
Oddballs bestest tank
Battlewagon with Kannon & 4 big shootas. Ard case, Reinforced ram and Grot riggers. 337

Kellies Ard ladz
10 Ard Shoota boyz plus 1 nob.
The nob have a Bosspole, slugga and choppa. All have stikkbombs and one Ard boy carries a big Shoota.
Trukk with big shoota, armour plates, grot rigger & reinforced ram. 195

Kilroys Bridger ladz
11 Slugga boys & Zergant Kilroy
Kilroy got a Boss pole, power claw & heavy armour.
Da armoured Trakktur (counts as a trukk)
Big shoota, Boarding planks, wrecking ball and stikkbomb chukka. 171


Little Joes Kommandoz
5 Kommandoz and Koporal Little Joe
Little Joe got a Bosspole, powerclaw and heavy armour. The unit also have 2 big shootas. 115

Oddballs tank tinkerers
3 Burna boyz with Korporal Oddball and Mek Moriarti (gamewise, both Oddball and Moriarti counts as Meks).
Oddball got a Big shoota and Moriarti got a Kustom blasta. They also have 2 grot oilers.

Turkz tankbustaz
5 Tankbustaz and Viz Koporal Turk. 2 Tankhammers & 2 bombsquigs.

Fast attack

Da Green Ooman Air ladz
3 Speed freaks Deefkoptaz with twin linked rokkits and Bigbomms 180

(In the movie, the US army air force, twice manages to put spammer in the works for our heroes. This reflects a stark reality when during the start of the European campaign in 1944, the 9th US army air corp became nicknamed “The American Luftwaffe” for it´s ability to bomb friend and foe alike. It went so far as one US commander finally ordered his troops to open fire on ANY aircraft getting too close to their formation, regardless of nationality. A running joke, maybe even on both sides of the frontline went somewhat like this:

“When Luftwaffe bombs, the allies ducks, when RAF Bombs, the german ducks. But when the US army air force bombs, everyone ducks!“)

Heavy support

The Boomwagon
One looted wagon with Boomgun, 2 Rokkit launchaz, Armour plates and grot riggers. 140
(It is loosely inspired by the howitzer armed halftrack in the move)

Molligans Mortaz
2 Lobbas (fluffwise looted mortars) + 2 Ammo runts and Runtherder Molligan. 56

1499 points total!

I know it is not the most hardcore list out there, but I reckon that despite being a theme based list, it is not too shabby either!

I am nourishing a dream of taking this to a local tournament that also have their very own game "Kellys heroes" where you replay the famous street chase between the Tiger tanks and Oddballs lonely Sherman.

What do you think of this list, but from a game perspective, but also from a creative and theme perspective?

If you are interested in knowing more about this project, check the link to my blog in my signature.

Asperger, asrai and proud!

My blog: http://mattiknife.wordpress.com
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Default Re: Kellies herouz - my Ork army at 1500 points!

From a gaming perspective it seems fine except you are rather lacking in troops choices, more boyz would be good although as it is based on a film, it is entirely your choice
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Default Re: Kellies herouz - my Ork army at 1500 points!

Great choice of movie! ^_^

I like the list just for it's creativity so on that note you shouldn't be bothered if you win or lose (you get the moral victory)
"LIMEY MAN TO THE RESCUE!!!! I've come to kick arse and drink tea...and I'm all out of tea"

Please correct me with my spelling! (I know it's terrible)
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