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Writing an Army List
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Default Writing an Army List

We have a lot of new Ork players and a lot of army lists going up so I wanted to post something to help people put together their lists in an easy to read manner. The easier your lists are to read, the more likely you are to get replies to it. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes trying to decipher your list. Also notice the list does not give a point cost for each item but a summary of the cost for the unit. You must follow this because if you list the cost of each item then GW will get mad and send not so nice notices to FT (our admin). Below is an example of a list of mine.

Big Mek w/KFF, PK, bosspole, 'eavy armor and cybork body = 130

Kommandos x 10 w/burnas x 2 + Snikrot = 215

Slugga Boyz x 19 w/rokkit & Nob w/bosspole and big choppa (Big Mek joins unit) = 159
Slugga Boyz x 12 w/rokkit & Nob w/bosspole and PK & Trukk w/reinforced ram and rokkit = 142
Shoota Boyz x 12 & Nob w/bosspole and big shoota & Trukk w/reinforced ram and rokkit = 137
Grots x 10 + Slaver = 40

Fast Attack
Wartrakks x 2 w/twin-linked rokkits x 2 = 80
Deffkopta x 2 w/twin-linked rokkits x 2 = 90
Stormboyz x 12 & Nob w/bosspole and PK = 184

Heavy Support
Battlewagon w/big shoota and deff rolla (ride for Big Mek and Boyz) = 115
Kans x 3 w/big shootas x 3 = 120
Kannons x 3 w/extra krew x 3 and 3 ammo runts x 3 + Slaver = 88

Total: 1500

You don't have to follow how I do my lists exactly, but you'll notice that it's easy to read and does not take up the entire screen to do so. Each unit is listed in the appropriate force organizational area and on a single line with a point total easy to see, and a total point cost at the bottom.

I tend to write out in full the gear itself, IE: bosspole or big choppa, however many players use abbreviations. Here's a list of the commonly used ones so you can better understand the lists you see and can make use of them yourself.

AC = 'ard case
AP = armor plates
AR = ammo runt
AS = attack squig
BC = big choppa
BP = bosspole
BPL = boarding plank
BS = big shoota
CB = cybork body
DR = deff rolla
EA = 'eavy armor
GK = grabbin' claw
GP = grot prod
GR = grot riggers
GS = grabba stikk
GZ = grotzooka
KFF = kustom force field
KMB = kustom mega blasta
MA = mega armor
PK = power klaw
RP = red paint
RR = reinforce ram
TL = twin-linked
SAG = shokk attack gun
SB = stikkbombs
SC = stikkbomb chukka
SH = shoota
SK = skorcha
TH = tankhammer
WB = wreckin' ball
WBN = Waaagh banner

I'm sure I've missed some common abbreviations so feel free to mention them and I'll add them to the list.
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Default Re: Writing an Army List

solid list but i would drop the grots they get shot up really fast at t2 with those points id add more boys on your foot slogers to make the kff do better
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Default Re: Writing an Army List

The list is just an example for how to write an easy to read list, not so much a discussion. However, I do have this list in another thread called "Freebootas - 1,500 (RE: Darn Fish'eads)" where I came up with it and was discussing it.
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Default Re: Writing an Army List

Thor, I think using a template is a great idea. I also think it should be stickied in this child board, and members should be told to at least try to emulate the list writing style instead of some of the lists you can see on TO.

How about these for some other abbreviations:

AC= ard case
BPL= boarding plank
DF= deffrolla
GK= grabbin' claw
GR= grot riggers
SC= stikkbomb chukka
AR= ammo runt
AS= attack squig
WBN= Waaagh banner
SB= stikkbombs
GS= grabba stikk
GP= grot prod

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Default Re: Writing an Army List

Scoutfox, I think the only important ones are either te really long ones or the ones that you have to type out loads so although some of them are useful, people will have to remember them so we can't abbreviate the whole codex
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