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1500pt Blood Axe list
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Default 1500pt Blood Axe list

well I've been toying with several army ideas for a while and I think I'll settle with orks. So I wanted to get all you boyz ideas, on effectiveness. But I'm also trying to work fluff here so feel free to tell me what you think in that department too.

1)Warboss - PK, TL shoota, 'eavy armor, bosspole = 100

1)Kommandos x14 - Burna x2,
Boss Snikrot = 255

1)Boyz x19 - slugga and choppa, big shoota x2
Nob - PK = 159

2)Boyz x30 - slugga and choppa, rokkit launcha x2
Nob - PK and bosspole = 240

3)Boyz x25 - Shootas, big shoota x2
Nob - PK and bosspole = 200

4)Gretchin x 10
Runtherd = 40

Fast Attack
1)Stormboyz x15
Boss Zagstruk = 265

Heavy Support
1)Battlewagon(looted Leman Russ) - Kannon, big shoota, armor plates, grot riggers, red paint job, Stikkbomb chukka = 130

2)Looted Wagon(Basilisk) - Boomgun, big shoota = 110

Total: 1499


I plan to convert the russ so it's like a WW2 landing craft, in regards to the open back area where the boyz will ride, the kannon will be the turret(likely have a grot in the turret pointing and another grot pushing the turret in that direction).

The theory is the 'umies will think the tank is running from the orks, when it gets close the warboss and his buddies will jump out and start the bashin'. And the back of the tank will have red orky gyphs on it, mainly so it will go fasta' and also to keep the boyz from getting confused

asside from that little bit of fluff

the rest of the army charges forward as fast as possible(except the grots who hold the home objective), the storm boyz deep strike into combat and the kommandos sneak into combat.

so what do you guys think?
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Default Re: 1500pt Blood Axe list

Bones of the list look good. I think I would shave off a few boyz from the Snikrot/Zagstruk squads. When Snikrot comes in, his squad will usually only last one round because everything in your opponents army will try to kill him, or they'll blow up killing a tank. I don't think you need a full squad for him to do his magic in the backfield just to be gunned down the next turn. Without a bosspole his squad easily breaks.

With Zagstruk you have to think of the footprint such a large squad makes. Deepstriking a big squad will cause more models to be killed because they come in on enemies/terrain.

I would take the points you can save and bring a KFF big mek along with those two units of footsloggers.
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