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2000 Point Hybrid
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Default 2000 Point Hybrid

Warboss PK, Eavy, TL Shoota, BP 110

Big Mek KFF 85

Lootas x 12 180

Ork Boyz x 29 220

Ork Boyz x 29 220

Ork Boyz x 29 220

Nobz x 8 total 315
Eavy, PK x 2
BC x 5, BP
Waaagh Banner!
Pain Boy
Battle Wagon 135
Grot Riggers
Red Paint
Armor Plates
Deff Rolla
Big Shoota

Deff Dread Scorcha 95

Deff Koptas x 2 90

Deff Koptas x 2 90

Killa Kans x 3 135

Boom Wagon 105


My main concern is that my list has a little bit of everything. Im somewhat worried that it isn't specialized enough. I love the idea of my Nobs and WB obliterating everything in there way and the Walker wall shielding my boyz until they are in CC. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Default Re: 2000 Point Hybrid

I think the list is fine, as there is no need to do a specialized army as long as they are killy and stompy. This army is. You've got lootas and a boomwagon to give cover fire while the boyz march forward, and the koptas and battlewagon harass early.

Only minor change would be to take the bp off the boss and add a combi-skorcha to the nobs. I'm assuming the boss will ride with the nobs or walk with the boyz, and each of those units already has a bp, and you can't use it twice. Plus its always fun to light people on fire.

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