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750 Point Freebooterz
Old 26 Jan 2007, 16:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default 750 Point Freebooterz

This is really my first list so I gladly welcome pointers. Here's what I have so far:

Warboss = 60
Choppa = 2
Slugga = 1
'Eavy Armor = 8
Total: 71

Shoota Boyz(16) w/Big Shootas(3) = 152

Slugga Boyz(21) w/Burnas(2) = 201
Nob w/'Eavy Armor = 19
Total: 372

Fast Attack
Trukk Boyz(10) w/Burnas(2) = 102
Nob w/'Eavy Armor = 19
Trukk w/Big Shoota = 38

Wartrakks(2) w/Twin-linked Big Shootas = 92
Total: 251

Heavy Support
Kan w/Big Shoota = 45
Total: 45


Now, I do have some models that aren't being put into play with this list, and of course 11 points free, that I'll mention for the sake of getting feedback that may improve the list. Not being used is: Lobba(1), Mekboyz(2), Wartrukk(1), Grots(24). This list is far from definitive and I know Grots are very useful, would it be worth getting them into this list by removing some Wargear and such? My thought was to use my Fast Attack to occupy attention so I can get my Sluggas into it, but maybe Grots would be better suited?
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Old 26 Jan 2007, 19:35   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 750 Point Freebooterz

I say keep da trukk boyz since mine always get their points back.**
Could also give your Trukk a grot rigger kinda nice when they get dem trukks going VROOM again.
Not much in da way of stuff that make BIG BOOMS though, maybe drop da 2 burnas with dem slugga boyz for two rokkits and maybe the same with the two wartrakks.** Or with the Warrtakks you could use zapp guns instead to fill that role as well.* If you want to keep all dem though maybe a PK on the Boss and the Nobs.
Oh your trukk boyz can only have one weapon option so on the upside that is another 6 pts up for grabs as well now.
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Old 26 Jan 2007, 19:46   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2006
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Default Re: 750 Point Freebooterz

Good point. I guess that list of mine would be pretty hard up to deal with vehicles for sure.
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