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Grimrak Zagsnikka's Blue Deff Ladz
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Grimrak Zagsnikka's Blue Deff Ladz

Alright lads, I'm trying to get back into the hobby after ages spent out of it. I've decided to try out a Deathskull clan list for my triumphant return (or dismal failure :P) and I'd like to get a bit of feedback on it from anyone who's actually played recently and knows more than me. :P I did try to theme the army a bit, giving the warboss heaps o' stuff and a great big kustom shoota, so if something seems a bit silly that's probably why (feel free to comment on it anyway!)

Warboss Grimrak - Mekboy Spannahedz Amazin' Choppy Shoota (counts as a choppa and shoota with Shootier and More Dakka kustom jobs), lucky tattoos, 'eavy armour, bionik bonce, bionik arm, frag stikkbomz, iron gob - 110 points

Painboss Kutnstitch - Cybork body, slugga, powerklaw, dokz tools, two orderlies -74 points

Da Eksperymentz - 9 cyborks with sluggas and choppas - 117 points

Grimrak's Gits - 20 'ard boyz with sluggas, choppas and 3 burnas - 258 points

Dakka Lads - 7 lootas with shootas and 3 autocannon - 130 points

Boom Boyz - 7 Lootas with shootas and 3 missile launchas - 130 points

Unlucky Gits - 16 shoota boys with shootas and 3 big shootas - 152 points
Mekboy - Kustom forcefield, choppa, three oilers, mekz tools - 42 points

Fast Attack
Speed Demons - 3 wartraks with twin-linked rokkit launchas, armour plates, grot riggers - 141 points

Heavy Support
Stompy Deff - 3 killa kans - two with rokkit launchas, one with big shoota, all with dreadnought close combat weapons and armour plates - 150 points

Gork's Fist - Looted Demolisher - Demolisher cannon, hull mounted lascannon, sponson heavy bolters, armour plates, grot riggers, spikes n blades, stikkbom chukka - 195

Total points: 1499

(Note: I had to use my older copy of the Imperial Guard codex for this list, as I could't find my current one. Any bad points in the Lootas or tank units can be blamed on this and my laziness in not looking harder. :P)
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Default Re: Grimrak Zagsnikka's Blue Deff Ladz

Ok, is there any chance that this choppy shoota could become a snippy shoota? It would be effective if it were a powerclaw as apposed to choppa. Also it would be better if it were a slugga :P Except if you like the feel of a bigga gun in your hands,go for it! He's fairly expensive however, he should do well.
Hmmm, you need some speed in the force. Maybe drop the painboy squad and take a trukk boy squad.
Next, you should get some grotz as cover for your ard boyz and lootaz.
Ok, I think you should rid of the armour plates on the trukks, they should be cheap. They'll either blow a tank and make their points back or die straitaway. I don't think a 6+ save will help an open topped armour 10 vehcle. However, if your one of those chosen the dice gods like, keep em

The kanz should provide a nice unit to go with the armoured ladz.
Lastly, I think the Demolisher costs to much, way to much.
You don't need any of those Ork upgrades. The grot riggaz shouldnt be need as the vehcle won't be moving much. Spikes and blades aren't really need as the vehlce is tough and will probably only be taked down with ranged fore rather than CC. And plates aren't need as once again you have a tough armour value.

* - So, you need more Maneuverability in the form or probably trukk boyz and a few upgrades aren't needed.
* * * * * Tell us all how it runz
EDIT: by the way, cool names!.
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Default Re: Grimrak Zagsnikka's Blue Deff Ladz

Well, the Warboss retinue is... slow. No dedicated Trukk and no Battlewagon. They look like they'll never make it into combat.

Same thing for the Painboss/Boyz - ded 'ard save for Orks, but laggy like they're running 56k.

The Lootas & Shoota Boyz are awesome; maybie fill out the Loota mobs at the expense of the Shootas, as the dakka of the Autocannons will statistically kill one a turn, and they're prime targets for incoming fire.

Rokkit-trakks - Not bad.

Kanz - Same as the Rokkit-traks, not as mobile... perhaps Big Shootas for the range?

Demolisher - You've got a distinct lack of Burnas and Choppas; if this is your TEq-buster, keep it.
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