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Grimdark Steelbull's Thugga Boyz
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Default Grimdark Steelbull's Thugga Boyz

Well, here's my army list for the most part.* I tend to tweek things here and there to test things out a bit.* I'll try to add units points totals later...


-Choppa, Slugga (More Dakka, Shootier), Frag & TB Bomb, Attack Squig
-Eavy armor, Bionic Bonce


17 'Ard Boyz -* (Big Shootas X 3)
* - Choppa, PK, Big Horns.

17 'Ard Boyz -* (Big Shootas X 3)
* Nob
* - Choppa, PK, Big Horns.

17 Flash Gits -* (Big Shootas X 4)
-More Dakka
* Nob
* - Choppa, Kombi Shoota/Skorcha (More Dakka), Bosspole, Iron Gob


18 Grots
Slaver (Big Rico)
- Choppa, Rokkit Launcha, Squig Hound
- 'Eavy Armor

18 Grots
Slaver (Chimey)
- Choppa, Rokkit Launcha, Squig Hound
- 'Eavy Armor

9 Tankbustas - (Rokkit Launchas X 3)
* Nob
* - Rokkit Launcha, Slugga, Ammo Runt X 3
* - Big Horns

10 Burna Boyz - (Burnas X 4)
* Mekboy
* - Choppa, Kustom Force Field, Superstikkbomb, Meks Tools, Grot Oiler X 3

Heavy Support

- CCW X 2, Kustom Mega Blaster X 2
- Armor Plates

2 Killa Kans
- CCW, Big Shoota, Rokkit Launcha
- Armor Plates, Stikkbomb Chukkas

Looted Leman Russ Battletank
- Battlecannon, Heavy Bolters X 3
- Armor Plate, Grot Rigger, Red Paint job

Fast Attack

Wartrakk Skorcha (The Deathstar)
- Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job, Spikes and Blades

Rokkit Buggy
- Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job

Rokkit Buggy
- Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job

TOTAL: 2000 pts

It's probably not the most practical list, but it's fun to play.* I mostly play against the Tau and occasionally Necrons.* My Tau buddy calls the Skorcha Buggy the Deathstar because in our first game it took him 5 turns to kill it.

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Default Re: Grimdark Steelbull's Thugga Boyz

A good looking list. The three Wartraks should be okay in meeting your fast attack needs. At 73 Ork models it is a little thin on Ork numbers. The two mobs of Grots and the KFF should give you some good cover from shooting.

Best Regards,

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