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New ork army
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Default New ork army

Hi so I'm starting a new ork army but I have no clue what to get (I'm new to orks) i know I will be getting ork boys but what then who should I get for a hq and should I get more boys or a killa kan or a deff dread or stormboys or burna boys or lottas or warbikers or nobs or kommandos or or (I get knocked out by a small blood axe ork "helloz namez archze" he is joined by a tau fire warrior in green armor "and my name is kaa'i and sorry for blacklion overwhelming you he is just" gets cut off by a necron warrior " name is necron 88213401010101086556" They all disappear as I wake up Ok sorry about that but just please tell me what I need for a ork hq and if I need more then 2 teams of 30 ork boys and is there any thing else I need?
I'Z FIRING MA LAZER!!! for the greater good of course


tau- 1500 points
dark angels - 1000 points
Orks 500 points

soon to be started
blood angels
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