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Tau Online Seattle/ Pacific North America Meetup -early August.
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Default Re: Tau Online Seattle/ Pacific North America Meetup -early August.

there is a GW store down in kent that has about 6 tables total in the store, has decent traffic at all times it seems. i'll will talk to them to see if they would have any issues with a group of people meeting up to play on all their tables for a few days. unforunately i will be unable to attend anything in august due to being underway at the time but i will see where i am living at that time and might be able to let people stay in my apartment for the time.
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Default Re: Tau Online Seattle/ Pacific North America Meetup -early August.

I'd be interested, but would need a firm date by July 25th to put in for time off. I usually have Tuesdays & Wednesdays off, so worse case I could swing by to say "Hi" and maybe get a game in. As I remember the drive from Albany to Ft. Lewis was reasonable, so Salem to Bellevue or even Seattle shouldn't be too much of a stretch. 'Course my old butt may not be up to sitting for a while...
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