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Fayetteville & Raeford, NC
Old 02 Sep 2009, 22:26   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Fayetteville & Raeford, NC

Hi all, I would love to meet and get together with any local 40k gamers in my area. I actually live near Hope Mills, NC but would be willing to drive to meet up. Please post up here and/or message me! Thanks,

Steve 8)
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Default Re: Fayetteville & Raeford, NC

Well I'll be moving down to Fayetteville next month, and though I probably won't be in the mindset to play 40k right away (moving because of a breakup...) I'd like to get into the local scene, as it were. The Hobbit sounds like a pretty good independent retailer, and I do so like the Indies more than the GW stores... less pressure to buy stuff.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Fayetteville & Raeford, NC

They seem pretty well-stocked and said they have a lot of gamers on Saturdays (though no organized tournaments until January they said). They do charge GW retail price on all their stuff it seems. I am finishing putting together (for the 2nd time) a Space Wolf army so I'll try and get up there one of these weekends for a pickup game or 2.

I also would love to get totally laid back and have somebody come over and play in my garage either on a Saturday or a late afternoon weekday. LMK
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Default Re: Fayetteville & Raeford, NC

If either of you are willing to come up to Cary, I play at All Fun and Games. 20% off if they don't have something you want in stock, and Monday is league night.

When I'm down in Fayetteville, I'm usually too busy to drop by. I would if I could, though.
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