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Eldersburg, Maryland, USA: J&M Comics and Games
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Default Eldersburg, Maryland, USA: J&M Comics and Games

To whom it may concern,

A new store is open in the Eldersburg maryland area, just north/west of Baltimore at the intersections of hwy 26 and hwy 32. I will be gaming here for the forseeable future, and invite anyone who lives close to respond to this thread so that we can meet for a game.
The store has a small forum of it's own as well, but I will ask permission from Thor and Boneguard before posting a link here. (I suggest that you do not if I don't!)

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Kytonus' Retinue

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Default Re: Eldersburg, Maryland, USA: J&M Comics and Games

I'm in Catonsville, and I don't really have anyone near me to play against with any regularity.
Paradox Rifts on the best and worst things GW did in the year of 2008

Originally Posted by ParadoxRifts
Good: Anything that involved making models.
Bad: Anything that involved writing rules for said models.
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