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Gaming Clubs
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Default Gaming Clubs

As suggested by Tiwaz, AKA: Lonely Tau, we're going to setup a thread to collect information on gaming clubs. What we need for information is the following. Below is just an example:

Name: Name of the Club (if applicable)
Location: Where the Club is. General area is fine if there's no specific location.
Members: How many members in the Club
Contact: Who and how to contact the Club
Info: Some general info on the Club

To keep things clean, PM Boneguard or myself the information and we'll add it to the list in this thread.

Gaming Clubs

Name: Thompson Productions
Location: 207 NORTH HOLDEN
Warrensburg, MO 64093 US
Members: ~20-30

Personnel Participation/Attendance:
-Weekdays: 2 - 6
-Weekends: 4 - 8
-Tournaments: 8 - 16

Contact: The Proprietor is Phil Thompson, but he has a few employees. Number: 660-747-3830
Info: Thompson Productions is a generalist gaming club that sells T-shirts, comic books, and an extremely wide variety of games (from Pen-and-Paper-RPGs to Warhammer games) and has a large space for gaming of all types. While there is a roleplaying game going on almost nightly, along with the usual crowd of Magic: The Gathering, BattleTech, Star Wars Miniatures, and a slew of other games, there's always at least one person who plays 40k there and usually willing to play. If there isn't any there, there is a calling roster of the 40k gang there that you can utilize to call people to set up a game. Warhammer and 40k tournaments are held at least once a month, with HUGE apocalypse games being held at least twice a year.

Name: GameNight.Net
Location: Hyannis, Mass
Members: alot.....
Contact: well the site http://www.GameNight.net
Info: Name it, they got it...or can get it for you!!!

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Members: 10-15
Contact: knightperson
Info: play fairly regularly Fridays at Titan Games on West Michigan next to Western Michigan University

Location: Grand Rapids & Holland, Michigan
Members: 6-8
Contact: knightperson
Info: headquartered (more or less) at Cobblestone Hobby in Holland. Sundays, 11-4

There are also a few orphans of Battle Front Gaming (www.battlefrontgaming.com) in Grandville (greater Grand Rapids) that no longer has gaming events.

Name: Aero Boyz
Location: Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica, California
Members: 30+ (varies, no hard membership count)
Contact: AeroBoyz mailing list (http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/AeroBoyz/)
Info: Casual gaming club based around local game store, Aero Hobbies and Games

Location: Fremont, California (Fremonth Hub, Hobbytown)
Members: ~10
Contact: Tiwaz/Lonely Tau (firetaucayenne@yahoo.com)
Info: We meet once a week on Tuesdays, and are more casual game oriented. 4:00-9:00 PM

Location: Portland, Maine (general area)
Members: 10
Contact: Thor (thor@destroyersofhope.com)
Info: We're not really a gaming club, just a group of friends who play 40k. We don't meet in any official capacity, we just get games going with each other as schedules permit.

Name: Crossroad Games
Location: Standish, Maine
Members: ~10
Contact: 207-642-2612
Info: This is a local independent store. They hold 40k nights every Wednesday, starting around 6-7pm (whenever people show up), and they hold monthly tournaments typically the 3rd Saturday of the month.
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