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New player seeking direction.
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Kroot Warrior
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Post New player seeking direction.


Ive just started Necrons and i bought some second hand models and managed to grab a bargain, 2 warrior squads, necron lord, heavy destroyer and scarab swarms for AU$55.

Now what should i get next?

I have been considering getting 3 destroyers and another 2 Heavy destroyers,
And i got offered a monolith for $45
so how much of this stuff is actually worth fielding?

Thanks in Advance.
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Kroot Shaper
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Hi sorry no one has responded to you.

Here's my advice. You should go for destroyers and monoliths, maybe some wraith and some more warriors as well.

Destroyers are much more useful than heavy destroyers because Volume always beats power.
Beyond trying to tank bust with that 1 shot, which miss half the time, Heavy Destroyers can't do much and they cost an extra 15 points over destroyers. The critical number of destroyers is 6 because then you can have 2 squads, which can give each other WBB, just keep them together so you get WBB.

I don't recommend immortals at this point because it is believed that they will be changed plus unless you convert some like I did from warriors to get the 18 I have I'd have to dish out like $200

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