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Monolith and We'll be back HELP!!!
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I have seen this a lot actually. I shall start calling it Necron Shock. They are an Intimidating force. We'll be back rolls. an army of 3+ saves. Wraiths, Flayed Ones, Monoliths. Then you have a C'tan marching down the field heading straight for a troop choice that is shooting at the thing and the C'tan is so pimp it refuses to go down? What isn't to fear?

Alot of things. The Necrons at present are quite gimped(The New Codex is gonna probably make them utterly over powering) But they are beatable. Phase them out.

Ignore that monolith and get in their faces. Strike Necron Units only, Ignore the Monolith, the C'tan, and go for the heart of the army.

Necrons generally have an I of 2. Space Marines, Kroot, and other basic troop peices with a WS of 4 can slaughter Necrons in close combat. They are an army of intimidation, and when you give into that intimidation you will loose every time.
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monolith, necrons

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