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Necrons vs chaos daemons HELP!!!!!
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Exclamation Necrons vs chaos daemons HELP!!!!!

Im reasonably new to warhammer so for now all i have is a necron battleforce and lord, so far i have beat my friend(who uses chaos daemons) 8/10times but his birthday is coming up and hes getting alot more. All up he will have 10bloodletters, 10daemonetes, 3nurglings, 10 plagubearers, 10horrors, 2chaos spawn, the masque, 5 seekers and a daemon prince. Could somebody please tell me what i should get next to beat him.
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Sorry this reply took so long

I've only ever played Daemons once and that was back in my tau days. I just blasted away his army before it got into combat with mine.

Still things you could try. The more guns the merrier I always say.
More destroyers. The more strength 6 hits the merrier.

You could change tactics although you may already do this:
You could get some immortals by buying warriors and converting them to immortals or even with with warriors put them with your lord and get a veil of darkness letting you deep strike them anywhere on the table every turn to keep you friend on his toes.

Whatever you do unless your destroyers or a tomb spyder or something don't straight up buy the blister immortals or flayed ones. Just buy another battle force and convert warriors to immortals or flayed ones and of course keep some as warriors if you want plus you'd get the extra destroyers.

Or if you feel like it try an C'tan out they can be loads of fun and especially the nightbringer will make any CC army cringe in fear haha.

Finally remember depending on the size of the battles your doing as well it will limit to a certain extent the new terrors you may face by the points your battling at.

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