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Necron Special Characters
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Necron Special Characters

I've noticed that one thing that comes up a lot in Necron Codex wishlists is special characters (specifically Lords). I'm curious as to what people would want them to be like (fluffwise and gamewise).

I think if they are included in the next codex that they may take a form similar to the lords that front the Necron Apocalypse formations (Harbinger of Night, Harbinger of Awakening, and Harbinger of the Storm). While these characters might not have the personality that some have wished for in Lord characters, I believe they are fitting because they seem to have been built for a special purpose and possess functions to fulfill that purpose, much as the rest of the units in the codex.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Necron Special Characters

I hope to see characters that will be able to point the army in a direction. Marines have Shrike for a sneaky feel and Lysander for more heavy-set feel to the army. Orks as well have characters that game-wise and fluff-wise give a feel to the army.
The C'tan, all be it pretty cool, are kind of their own deal and don't interact with the rest of the army in any personal way. The only choice we have is to mount or not mount the lord for destroyer or infantry idea.
My musings:
-A fear-mongering, deep striking, flayed one type lord character
-A psyker pariah lord that is becoming ever more human, filled with the hate and rage of being trapped in his state, the warp playing with his mind
-The Void Dragon (of course), after being warshipped as the machine spirit, the cruel old thinks it playful to use the machines of the necron army to turn the silly marines. Tombs spyders move like jetbikes, or perhaps monoliths get the "hard to kill" rule while on the board

Pew Pew Pew, lasers!
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