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Thoughts on fifth fluff
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Default Thoughts on fifth fluff

Try saying that three times fast

A few funky ideas I had concerning the necrons after reading Circuses(eseses?) excellent dex.

This is a reinterpretation of the old ones;

1) Old ones are very powerful and advanced
2) Extremely powerful semi warp based creatures (closes equivalent is a particularly mighty daemon prince)
3) They don't think like us and their actual form is both mutable and very alien
4) bad in a whole new old way of badness

They are the first know sentient race to emerge onto the galactic seen and expand in a vacuum.
They dominate the galaxy for untold millions of years

They are few in number, they each rule over a vast tract of space assisted by their lesser kin and fanatically devoted engineered slave races. The old ones potter round the galaxy destroying or terraforming bizarre worlds at a whim. They inflict agonizing suffering or rapturous ecstasy solely for their own twisted sense of aesthetics.

When the come across indigenous civilizations they get can get what we would see as very cruel, they subject their victims to any of the following

A) If welcomed or the indigents are primitive they tend to be enslaved and then encouraged to worship the old ones as gods
B) Subject the race to biological experimentation and mutation (often creating planetary gardens of flesh sculptures)
C) Annihilation
D) Forced migration
E) Imprisonment (planetary or stasis) for future evaluation.

Early history of the necrons

The proto necronyr evolve on a lush jungle world, a veritable paradise. Their peaceful idyll is shattered by the coming of the old ones. They are divided, some subject to bioforming, others to insane experiments and still others are fused in to a vast abomination of flesh and bone; so formed that their ceaseless screams of terror anguish and pain form music of heart rending beauty.Those who would give rise to the necronyr proper are transplanted to a barren atomic hellworld, just to see if they would live or burn.

The true necronyr emerge, their evolution is driven by an excess of radiation and a series of devastating climatic changes caused by the Nightbringer feeding off their new home star. On the anvil of this new environment they are forged into a dour people well used to hardship and death; but they never forgot the paradise that was stolen from them.

As they progress they reach for the stars to escape the baleful influence of the sun. The old ones put a stop to these upstart weeds encroching on their galaxy. Like a cat with a mouse the old ones torment the necronyr; one by one they destroy all necronyr colonies, driving the pitiful remnant back to their home world, to hold them their they use biological weapons to forever cut them off from the warp and its FTL travel. The stoic and bitter necronyr struggle on in the face of these cruel gods, so amusing do they find their suffering the old ones never quite finish them off.

The imprisonment and torment of the necronyr acts as a presure cooker that ignites a vicious cycle of expansion, then vicious persecution and retreat followed by civil war and collapse. This is the driving force that powers the young civilization; driving resentment, bitterness, violence and astonishing technological progress. All for naught.

Their other great tormentor, their own sun had escaped necronyr comprehension for millennium. Necronyr priests said that it was home to a vengeful god, scientists that it was host to an unstable exotic matter reaction. From samples scientists found new insites that lead to developments in Gauss weapons, necrobone and phase space. It also lead to the stark realization that their sun was dying. Using a phase space conduit they drew the cloud out of their sun and condensed it into pure necrobone. The priests where right; the scientists had unleashed a vengeful god upon their world. The men of science in their astonishment where slaughtered to the last. The man of faith abased themselves to appease this Nightbringer.

The signs were right, the technology prepared, the people ready and their dark god hungry. The necronyr unleashed a holy war upon the old ones, as they left their home they burned it to cinders from orbit, a sign to all that their would be no going back, no surrender and no retreat.


This "war in heaven" lasted for at least three hundred thousand years and started first with a breakout of Necron forces.

This was followed by a long period of cat and mouse raiding in the halo stars as the Necrons grew in strength. It was at this time that the Eldar where created.

After this a full scale galactic conflict ensued with the old ones increasingly on the back foot; it was at this time that Rek and Jahero where created.

The old ones retreated into bastions formed of clusters of heavily fortified worlds and a network of stations and guard fleets. These where further protected by artificially generated warp storms (the maelstrom is one such bastion). It was at this time the Hrud where created.

The Necrons besiege these bastions one by one, using pylons to cut off the warp and collapse the storm they then descend into the unprotected space. A particularly vicious and protracted siege occurred in the lesser Magellanic cloud. It was at this time that the old ones unleashed the Orks hoping to turn the tide.

The tumult of the psychic suffering and emotions of the old ones and their warriors caused the warp to be stirred to chaos. Daemons walk abroad and enslavers overwhelm the last of the old one bastions and slaughter the remaining mortal Necronyrs.

The bloated C'tan turn upon each other like starving squid. As the dust settles the four survivors hunker down for the intervening eons and their Necron worshipers join them in status.

This is one of the pillars of my ideas....

The necron mind is a self adaptive AI code. Necron lords continually transmit partial core codes based from their own "Memes"
Tomb spyders receive these code fragments and compile recombinant AI programs. These are then downloaded into locus frames.

As the AI processes data from its activities a set of fractal algorithms called the Hox memes are sequentially triggered causing necrobone restructuring and development
Commands and stimuli can cause the necron to develop in different ways. These can result in divergent paths (called "aberrations") give rise to destroyers, "True" flayed ones, wraiths and the like. Note that all "aberrant" necrons are second generation or younger

These stimuli also give rise to Hirophrants; focal points of squad coordination and command. Hirophrants have the first gleamings of sentience that can propel the necron to the full awareness of a lord.

The full "life cycle" of the necron takes countless millennium and most are destroyed before reaching even warrior level. Most warriors and even most hirophrants will never develop further. It takes an extraordinary cognitive fluke or deliberate code infusion to spark the development of a full lord. As such factoring in the period of temporal status most lords are first generation necrons and no lord is younger than the forth generation (though it is by no means are most first generation necrons lords).

See attached diagram

A few further points

The C'tan were not given bodies of necrobone, that is what they are made of any way. They are the source of it. As such the necrons are the flesh of their flesh.

Gauss weapons work by partially phasing out the electrons of matter. This ionizes the target matter turning it into a low energy plasma, causing a rapid layer by layer erosion effect. The electrons are drawn back along the ionized path of the beam into the gun causing the visual effect, earthing themselves though the necron (this is why nothing else can use their weapons).

Not all necronyr became true necrons, only a minority did so. Those that did not died during the enslaver plague.

Necron warriors where never necronyr, at inception they were fully autonomous robotic soldiers that first augmented then supplanted the mortal nocronyr armies.

Immortals on the other hand where mortally injured neconyrs who where transplanted to preserve their lives and combat potential.

Eldar, orks and jahero where all made out of ancestral proto neconyr.

The C'tan ate each other not because of deception, hunger or madness but because it was instinctual. By eating each other they:

A) gain essential nutrients for their dormancy.
B) fertilize their "eggs".
C) Reduce the competition for their offspring.

Their stasis was not because they where running out of food per say (although that was a factor) but rather because they required a long period of convalescence to gestate. Now that the conditions are right the surviving C'tan awake to spawn a new host of ravenous offspring. This act of genesis will kill the remaining C'tan, consuming them mind and body. All C'tan on the field represent this new generation.
"You have a super-fly mind thingy, good for you. Here, have a railgun wound".
This is actually not no a idea idea.
my brain went all 'splodey from reading that
"Help! I think his brain is leaking!"
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Default Re: Thoughts on fith fluff

wow... that is actually the best Necron fluff I have ever seen
the consistant misspelling of Necrontyr and misnaming of Necrodermis as Necrobone notwithstanding, this work is both feasable and fitting. Shame GW is too egocentric to accept fan material.
These are the Old Ones who I can see creating the Orks
This is a beleivable motivation spurring a race into consorts with evil Gods and galactic genocide
However, these are also Gauss weapons that can be used by men in tin foil suits :P
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Originally Posted by demitriusnassy
Haha ;D I am Bob, the devourer of Souls. ;D
Originally Posted by The Man They Call Jayne
Turning the Power Matrix into some kind of Disco Ball of Death? :P
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Default Re: Thoughts on fith fluff

Originally Posted by willwills
wow... that is actually the best Necron fluff I have ever seen
the consistant misspelling of Necrontyr and misnaming of Necrodermis as Necrobone notwithstanding
Yeah, I'd much rather this sort of fluff to the current GW Necron fluff. To me it's more appealing than the entirely silent army of autonomic death, and it would allow for the introduction of more (and potentially cooler) Necron models. Yeah, a few spelling mistakes which is a bit surprising given the thought that must have gone into everything else, but meh. Nice work.

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