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Blood Angels
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Default Blood Angels

I know the real answer to my question is "Not Much" but what units in the Necron force are key when fighting the new Blood Angels? The Main problems I see are the easy access to Feel No Pain that BA's now have and that they are a Fast, assault oriented army. We all know how most Necrons feel about assault...

Sooo have any of you Cron players gone head to head with BA's? How did you fare and who were your MVP units?
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Default Re: Blood Angels

I have seen one guy put up a fight with his wraiths. They hit fast, but yea FNP makes them hit not so hard. The monolith was quite good at removing the deathcompany from existence. I saw that he had a couple spyders, but I didn't see the WHOLE game, but it was a draw.

Sidenote: I sold my necrons since around the time 5th came out, but it was my sold army I was watching.
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Default Re: Blood Angels

Monoliths are definitely one of the must haves in terms of killing blood angels. The high Str weapon will ignore there sanguinary priests blood chalice cheese. And like any space marine army, they don't have much besides lucky las cannons in terms of long range monolith swatting power. Do beware of any dreadnaughts of course, and chain fist termies.

Deployment is crucial, even second turn deployment might not be bad depending on the army type you are fighting. Taking 2 monoliths on the back of the board, with most of your shooty elements in between them would block your flanks. Kinda like King Leonidas did in 300, funnel the enemy to your advantage. Throw some scarabs in to tarpit super dangerous squads, and just focus fire the closest targets as possible. Immortals would be the most point efficient damage I believe you could achieve at range. They can be semi mobile and output dangerous amounts of firepower into the oncoming enemy.

Necron destroyer lord with warscythe and phylactery can possibly be a thorn in your opponents side. T6 is quite difficult to chew through with str 4 models, and its weapon ignores invul saves and FNP.

Now I play Tau, which is one of the worst CC armies in 40k and struggle against newer codexes just like the Necrons do, and the only thing I can really say is that unless the blood angel player makes a poor list you are in for a tough fight. They have lots of units that will skyrocket in price, but if they max/min there list it's almost impossible to beat them. They are so fast for how efficient they are in combat, all coupled with some darn impressive shooting as well. I hope anything I've said has helped.
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Default Re: Blood Angels

I have played against Blood Angels twice so far. Once was a list with three landraiders and a storm raven. I was unprepaired and played poorly, so I lost that game. The second was agaisnt a list with deepstriking Sigunary guard, death company and some other shenanigans in Rhinos. I found that Scarabs were the life saver in the game, and they were able to essentially block off a flank from any possible attack. I focused fire to kill the Sig. Guard with destroyers (due to no Feel no Pain) and then game him the option of charging the Deceiver, or the Scarabs, They choose the scarabs and I counter assault. He had a libraian too, but I charged it, and it's unit with my lord and a squad of warriors and took out the space marine bodyguard, while I lost my lord. A second squad of warriors finished the counter charge and killed the space marine hero. After that is was all down too mopping up his tactical marines and predators.

I find that Feel no pain is no real worry. It is fairly easy to deny flanks with the use of a large squad of scarabs, while focused fire can normally eliminate one or two troublesome mobile squads. Not too concerned about the Blood Angels. But I've only the two games with my necrons so far.

I played against them once as well with my 10 chaos spawn army in 1500pts, and I found that feel no pain means nothing when they are put under a load of attacks. Another thing to keep in mind, is if you have an opportunity to shoot wth warriors, or charge, always charge. Denying opponents attacks is fantastic.
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