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What models should I paint that won't be replaced soon?
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Default What models should I paint that won't be replaced soon?

I am wondering, what of my army should I paint? I am asking this because I recently spent a ton of time painting some of my Skaven models, then they got replaced and I felt as though I waisted alot of time. I wondering what Necron models may be replaced in the future so I don't paint those and just feel cheated. With school coming to a close I've actually got some free time coming to paint, so thats why I'm asking.

I have
24 Necron Warriors all unpainted
10 Immortals all unpainted
6 Wraiths all unpainted
1 Destroyer Lord and Lord with Res Orb both unpainted
Nightbringer unpainted
2 Monoliths unpainted
6 Pariahs unpainted
8 Scarab swarms all unpainted
3 Heavy Destroyers all unpainted

Obviously, any guesses on whats being replaced is speculation, but your opinions are valued. What do you think?
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Default Re: What models should I paint that won't be replaced soon?

I recommend the warriors - they are already plastic and although they may well be in new poses with a new release, they will still most likely look identical. For this reason you can almost garuntee that you wont be wasting time on the warriors. Monolith would be similar.

When it comes to metal models (particularly wraiths, immortals) it is probably a good bet that these will be released as plastics, and could look very different and in much cooler (and more alterable) poses. For this reason i would suggest perhaps not painting all of them (but painting up an immortal or 2 first will get you settled on your ideal theme before you start on the warriors.

Hope this helps

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