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Destroyer Lord: Good or Bad?
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Default Re: Destroyer Lord: Good or Bad?

Originally Posted by Papa_Wheely
Yes, that unit would have been destroyed if it had no where to go. Check out the diagrams on pg 45 of the big rule book, it explains it in greater detail.

But you don't actually have to detach the Lord from the unit of Scarabs because of the rules for attacking an Independent Character. Pg 49 essentially says that an IC gets treated as a completely separate unit in an assault, and so only models in base contact with him (or within 2") may attack him, and they roll against his WS, T, and any applicable saves. The Scarabs provide a shield against shooting, no other benefits or detriments.
They are treated separately in that sense yes however they become one unit again once attacks are resolved to determine what side wins assault. The issue with have the 3 toughness / 5+ arm save scarabs in there is that your enemy can just rack up wounds on them instead of targeting your 6 toughness / 3+ arm 4+ inv save lord. This gives them a much higher chance of scoring more wounds and winning assault. Giving your lord Gaze of flame and Chronometeron is buffing his chance of winning assault and sweeping a unit. assaulting with the scarabs is detrimental to that result. However it is situational, against a monstrous creature you might want to keep the scarabs there but then again, you shouldn't be assaulting a MC with your lord anyways
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Default Re: Destroyer Lord: Good or Bad?

I think, that regardless of the movement bonus, the extra Toughness alone is worth the points. Having the Lord T6, makes him incredibly hard to shift. Combined with some of the other wargear options, like Gaze of Flame, Resurrection Orb, and/or Phase Shifter, you can have one resilient HQ choice.

If combined with Scarabs, I would use him with Lighting Field. Just him and the scarabs alone will force a whole bunch of no-retreat wounds stacked onto your HQ. The Lighting Fields can force a few more saves onto your opponents, and help even the odds a little bit.
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Default Re: Destroyer Lord: Good or Bad?

Don't forget the good old bugzapper D-lord.

A destroyer lord with lightening field and 10 scarabs does wonders as you are buying a potential 30 extra attacks as they kill the scarabs in close combat.

Or give him a warsytche and the scarabs disruption fields to make a monster tank hunter unit (though the scarabs on their own suffice anyway).

I love destroyer lords as they are quite versatile and can be put with units like scarabs and wraiths that when combined with the right wargear really ups the units power beyond sensible.
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Kroot Shaper
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Too be honest I'd be careful sticking him with Destroyers they are the same type of movement, but they don't work together. The one time I used him. I was fighting orks and my destroyers ended up getting to close because I wanted to put them with my Destroyer Lord, my Destroyers ended up Dead and my Lord charging 3D6 toward my table edge and ran off. It was so dumb that I haven't put him in since.

I think using him with scarabs is the best idea ever because it would give my Scarabs greater longevity in combat plus you don't even need them to has disruption fields and just let your lord blow up the tank and use the Scarabs to block exits only. Plus him and Scarabs with Lightening Field charging into Marines, which I generally play or even orks would do a hell of a lot more damage than the scarabs alone.
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Kroot Shaper
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I hate to say this I tried him against Orks and it never anything my normal lord and my DLord missed all their attacks and so I can't expect them to do anything more than support. The DLord is officially a waste of money in my book I've tried it twice and failed both times. At least against Orks its not worth it they get to many attacks, which just racks up kills against the squad, and then they get swept because of initiave two on the part of the Scarabs.
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