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which is better: nightbringer, deceiver or monolith
View Poll Results: which is better, nightbringer, deceiver or monolith
Nightbringer 5 8.77%
Deceiver 6 10.53%
Monolith 46 80.70%
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Kroot Shaper
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Does this let you wound him with strength 3? You technically need 5+ Str to even touch him with FYI

Originally Posted by chicop76 View Post
Against nids the night bringer would be a huge waste of points and here is why. The new nid codex gives almost the whole army poison attacks. I'll show you what will happen if the nightbringer fought homogaunts with toxin sacs.

For 8 pts a model I'll get 3 attacks on a charge re-rolling ones and wounding on 4's. I'll use 20 gaunts for the example hitting around 160pts for the squad.

1. Gaunts attack with 60 attacks while going at same time with nightbringer swinging back with 5 attacks.

2. Gaunts will hit with 30 hits. They will re-roll 10 ones that will bring them up to 35 hits. While for favor for the bringer I'll say the nightbringer would hit 4 times.

3. Favoring the bringer I'll say the gaunts would put 17 wounds on the bringer. While the nightbringer would wound 4.

4. Favoring the bringer again he will receive 8 wounds which really woud be closer to 9 killing the bringer. While the nightbringer would only kill 4.

So a unit 1/2 the amount of points would kill the nightbringer almost all the time with a cheap upgrade. Now here is what woul happen with 10 homogaunts hitting at 80 pts with a tyrant giving them preffered enemy. Which would be 105 pts but if effects all units in range.

1. 10 gaunts will receive 30 attacks on a charge hiting with 15 attacks. Due to preferred enemy those 15 misses will get re-rolled witch will be 7.5 hits. Which will bring the hits to 22.5.

2. Since they wound on 4+ they will inflict 11.25 wounds on a nightbringer.

3. The nightbringer with a 4+ save will fail 5 wounds with .63 to spare almost putting 6 wounds on him which will still kill the nightbringer.

So nids with just a 80pt squad 1/4 less than the nightbringer would kill him on average.

While the monolith would be hard for the nids to destroy for less points than a nightbringer.
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Kroot Warrior
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Personally (as a relatively inexperienced Necron player) I would take the Monolith, as you could buy two cheaper points-wise than the Nightbringer, or buy one and use the other 265 points to raise your phase out limit. In the few games I have played as Necrons I have found that the first consideration should be as many Necron models as possible. Of the two C'tan I would choose the deciever. He is near impossible to assault and has some nasty special rules to boot. He is also 200 points cheaper and, in my opinion, more powerful point for point. If I have the points, however, I do tend to choose the NB as he is very fun to use.
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Kroot Shaper
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Originally Posted by Stanleyguy101 View Post
Does this let you wound him with strength 3? You technically need 5+ Str to even touch him with FYI
Edit(Wow I didn't realize I was commenting on myself :P)
Yes it does because they have poisin weapons which always wounds on a 4+

Too be honest I always take a monolith first before any Ctan, but between the 2 C'tan I'd prefer the Night bringer partially because he can shoot back although. The deceiver's special tricks didn't help me much except for leaving CC in the enemy phase. Deceiver isn't anywhere near as good at killing things as the nightbringer is like the entire game he killed like 10 people and 6 of those is when he blew up but he didn't do and major damage to anything but a few normal people. I've had better luck with the Night bringer at tank hunting and stuff. Although the initiative 5 seems nice, but didn't help me really because dark eldar are like 5 and up

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