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Escalation Tournament
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Default Escalation Tournament

So I have just entered in this tournament with my newly acquired Necrons. I started out buying a huge Necron Phalanx (48 warriors, 12 scarabs, 1 lord, 1 monolith and 6 destroyers) and then bought 8 immortals.

The Tournament goes like this. It lasts 6 months, and we start out at 500 pts. 2nd month we play 800, 3rd we play 1100 and so on. It goes up 300 pts per month. We have to play at least 3 games per month.

I played this month already and didnt have much success. 500 pts in a Cron army kinda sucks. All i could take was a lord with rez orb, and 20 warriors= 500 pts. I won 1 game, and got massacred 2 times. But I expected it with my limited options I could take.

In the 800 pts, the rules are, 1 HQ, 1 Troop, and only 60 pts of wargear. I think this is the list Im gonna take.

1 Lord w/ VoD
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Immortals

I plan on keeping the Lord with the Immortals and warping around popping off the units that mess me up. Warriors just hold ground on objectives. Thats really all I can do. I could add destroyers, but I gotta think, 1 destroyer= 2 immortals (more or less).

I think provided in this small of a list in only 800 pts. This seems to be the best option. Immortals are kinda the badass unit in the Cron army, and not to mention with the VoD can easily become the most deadly. In 800 pts... what would you do?

And lets even talk the next step up. 1100? What then? I would consider using 6 destroyers, or maybe 5 of them and give the Lord a rez orb. So many options to think about.

I think I would have to wait until 1400 before I included a monolith, but what do you think?
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Default Re: Escalation Tournament

Is it an "actual" escalation league where the same things are taken and then more added on later (meaning once you took something you'd have to continue taking it)?

If so, focus on getting Destroyers, Warriors, Tomb Spyders, Scarabs, and Immortals.

Imo, don't get the Monolith. Unless the lists are "set" like in my league and you know the rough AT capabilities of the armies. Even then, that's a lot of points at that level.

Focus on the core to bring about swift destruction. Scarabs and spyders are personal favs, but then not everyone has had the experiences I've had with them or seen the capabilities of them so far. For the record, I really, really like those 55 pt MC's.

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Default Re: Escalation Tournament

I guess not. We can use different things at different point levels.
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