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Necron Warriors in Reserve/Monolith Portal
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Default Necron Warriors in Reserve/Monolith Portal

After recently getting spanked by a friend who plays Eldar and uses 15 Dark Reapers, I needed to rethink my strategy. So I was wondering, can I keep my necron warriors in reserve, and then bring them through the portal? Even if I do not have 2 troops choices on the table?

The reason this is so fuzzy is because the Necron Codex says you can only keep squads over the FOC requirements in reserve, but in 5th edition, you can keep your whole army in reserve if you want. So, which of these takes presidence? It wouldn't be fair that Necrons have to have 2 troops on the table when the game starts and no one else does.
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Default Re: Necron Warriors in Reserve/Monolith Portal

You want to get rid of those reapers? Simple solution, turbo-boost scarabs. You have the speed to get to him (And 2+ cover from turbo-boosting) next turn assault him, tie the units up.
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Default Re: Necron Warriors in Reserve/Monolith Portal

Codex's always take precedence over the Rulebook.
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