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Couple quick questions
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Default Couple quick questions

So i keep hearing this but i couldn't seem to find where it is really stated in the rules so here it goes. When deepstriking a monolith i heard from about 6 different people that it's basicly the same as a drop pod so you can move it away from terain( though enemy models don't matter since the ponderous rule), but i couldn't seem to find it when i was looking in his codex, is this made up or is it stated somewhere. Also can you fire both the particle whip and the side blasters in the same turn even though it's an ordinance weapon?
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Default Re: Couple quick questions

If a Monolith lands in impassable terrain or off the table, it still rolls on the mishap table. It does not have the same rules as the Drop Pod. Unlike a Drop Pod it shifts models out of the way when it lands, rather than the Monolith itself shifting. The Monolith's rules represent its extreme bulk. The Drop Pod's rules represent its guidance system. They also both count as moving at Cruising Speed when they land, which really throws a wrench in some of the older Monolith tactics. On the bright side, it does mean that Monoliths are difficult to attack on the turn they arrive, and the Particle Whip can still be used since the Power Matrix ignores movement.

The most recent Necron FAQ answers the other question. The Monolith can fire either the Gauss Flux Arc or the Particle Whip. Not both.
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Default Re: Couple quick questions

However, if the Monolith lands in a group of enemy models, the models move out of the way of the Monolith being ponderous and such.

The Monolith either fires the Particle Whip or the Gauss Flux, not both.
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