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How do you deal with nob bikerz?
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Default How do you deal with nob bikerz?

So how do you deal with this cheesy unit? They can be given PK's (powerfists), or big choppas. They can also be given a 4+ armor save, a 5+ invul, and FNP. They get an automatic cover save for the bikes, and they move very fast, and are very killy. The only things I can think of to easily deal with them is by exploiting the leadership with a Deceiver, but alas, the Bosspole will make even that difficult. this 500+pt will probably be able to take out 2000pts of necrons, so I am very worried about them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with these uberkillers?
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At least a 5th one, so you can launch a legal squad.
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Default Re: How do you deal with nob bikerz?

Originally Posted by Zenai
Necron Lord – Rarely seen without in any Necron Army, they play a sort of CC/Support role. Though given an just above average WS and BS, the Necron Lord makes up for it by having an impressive Strength and Toughness. Staff of Light; not a very impressive weapon against Nob Biker especially when it comes to shooting. I recommend that a Warscythe should replace the Staff of Light as it can ignore both Armor and Invulnerable Saves. Chronometron is useful…when you actually best the Nob Bikerz in the first place but it does give a chance to destroy the Nob Bikerz outright when you do a Sweeping Advance. Destroyer Body; in any Nob Biker mob, there would be a Warboss with a Power Klaw thus threatening your Necron Lord and your Resurrection Orb. A Destroyer Body would protect the Lord from being instant-killed by the Warboss’s Power Klaw attacks as well as reducing the chances of being wounded by a Choppa. Gaze of Flame; the less attacks the Nob Bikerz bring out, the better you can survive and win Combat Resolution. Though I think this is more of an optional Wargear. Phase Shifter; every HQ needs an Invulnerable Save even a Necron Lord. Phylactery; I just realized there’s a Tactica on this; comanchieflier’s
Ordo Hereticus Review : Necron Lords

PariahMalVeauX’s Inquisitive Minds Want to Know :: What’s the Deal with Pariahs? can perfectly sum it up on how to use them as a Counter Assault unit. Basically, they’re Strength 5 and carry a Warscythe. This is the best unit to go against Nob Bikerz being able to ignore both the Armor and Invulnerable Save as well as the FNP and in addition to being able to wound on a 4+.

Tomb Spyder – Once again, I refer to MalVeauX’s tactica on Tomb Spyders; Inquisitive Minds Want to Know :: What’s the Deal with Tomb Spyders? Basically, they’re use as a Shield Wall; protecting the more vulnerable Necron Warriors while able to hold their ground against the Nob Bikerz. This is for those who includes Tomb Spyders in their Necron Army.

Monolith – Another army outside the Imperium and Chaos with an AV14 vehicle. Obviously, the Nob Bikerz will be having a hard time getting pass this and trying to pop it. One of the main attractions of the Monolith is its Particle Whip; it being Strength 9 and a Large Template to boot ignores Armor Saves and FNP and blah blah blah. The problem with it is that it’s slow. The Nob Bikerz can ride around it with ease and go for the squishier Necrons i.e. Necron Warriors. Solution; bring 3.

Recommended Units and Setups
1) Necron Lord equipped with Warscythe, Destroyer Body and Phase Shifter and 6 Pariahs
2) Monolith
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