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Recon And Just Being Nosey
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Default Recon And Just Being Nosey

Hi Necron players, I have a few questions.

I'm trying to decide (For my 4th army) whether to go for Imperial Guard, Necron or Eldar. I currently play Tau (First), Chaos SM, and Space Marines (Not SMurfs)

Just Being Nosey
How customisable are the Necron Lord choices? Can they be tailored to an opponent?

How many Warriors Squads should be included into order to make the army competitive?

Is it easy to tailor your army list to a single opponent? And can a take-on-all-comers list be made easily?

If I want a Static Gunline with Flanking Assault units, which would be the best?

How similar to Rending is the Guass weapon special rule.


and thats it

Zack ;D
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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

The gauss weapon special rule is only for rehicles, it says that when rolling to wound on a vehicle if you roll a 6 it's an auto glance unless it would be a penetrate. So a squad of warriors can walk up to a land raider or something big, shoot the hell out of it, and it will end up immobalised and with no weapons, and soon wrecked.

As for a gunline and outflanking the gunline should have atleast 2 squads of warriors and 4 destroyers to take out bigger or farther threats, and maybe a group of 10 immortals with a lord that has veil, orb, and warscythe with them(or if no immortals put with warriors). Outflank with flayed ones and maybe give them disruptor field (their melee has same affect as gauss weapons, glance on a 6) if you want to take out vehicles.

To make a competative list atleast 2 groups of warriors (since it's the only troop choice atm), maybe 3 if you want to focus more on objectives.

When making the army it's better to make it focused towards all corners. Either way a necron army is good at gunning stuff down but if you go against a cc type of army it could get nasty. Have stuff to counter charge such as wraiths or a lord with a warscythe (ignore armor AND invo saves).

The lord has a descent amount of stuff to upgrade with, some better than others. The basic lord is a lord with veil and rez orb since he can bring stuff back and deepstrike his squad in the movement phase. But after that since veil is 1 per army you can make an assault lord with orb, lightning field, gaze of flame, and a warscythe which can be nasty with flayed ones.

It's a pretty good shooting army but they have trouble against a few armies( i personally have a hard time fighting space marines and chaos marines). Last game was me and my necrons against chaos marines, turns 1-2 was easy gunning them down but turn 3 when his despoiler and squad of berzerkers (only 6 were left, but a hq with i6 and up to 10 attacks with a power weapon with S8, WS7, T6 that rerolls to wound......that hurts). Necrons are ok in cc but it's hard cause they mostly have I2 on them except for a couple units, and some of them like tomb spyders and scarab swarms have WS2...

Another problem with necrons is besides the lord all the other units don't give much choice, most of them can get disruption field but thats it, and with only 1 troop choice you need to take destroyers as fast because of the range on them for snipers and heavy units like havors/ devistator squads. the army is fun but gets boring due to the same stuff over and over(regret choosing necrons for a first army). Also some of the useful stuff such as heavy destroyers and wraiths are either too expencive for what they give, not worth it, or need bigger squad sizes(wraith expencive for a normal necron but s6 i6 and 3 attacks with a 3+ invo, they need to change his attacks to power weapon attacks, and can only take 1-3 in a squad with 1 wound each) ( heavy destroyers are very expencive for 1 heavy shot per turn and only squads of 1-3)

post edited to remove point costs due to gw and TO rules
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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

The gauss rule also means that you auto wound on a roll of a 6 regardless of toughness. Aside of apoc, this rarely has any use against non vehicle units however, although it allows your warriors to wound other Ctan

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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

One very odd thing about necrons is that despite a very small number of unit choices the army, surprisingly, it actually contains quite a lot of variety. Each unit has it's own slot in the space of things and each unit can effect others in the army. This way units interact can lead to a very unusual combinations and tactics.

As you probably know necrons are cheap to buy and for a 1000 point army it can cost as little as around 100 whereas my guard is costing me around 200 (I am having alot of things on the field at once >).

Gauss means that you auto wound on a roll of 6 to wound or auto glance on a AP roll of 6. I have used this to wipe land raiders before.

For a competetive army generally I look at 30 warriors but that is my opinion and often there are very varied lists as I said earlier.

If you have any more questions you can PM me.
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Default Re: Recon And Just Being Nosey

Necrons have few units, but each unit both has a unique role, and is very good at it.

It's a powerful army that can play in a few different ways.
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