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Necron Horde
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Necron Horde

Crazy thought here, how effective would a majority warrior army be? I mean Like 60-70 warriors in a 1750-2000 point game. I think I would win the psyche battle just from the 60+ warriors and the wbb rolls. Maybe reduce some numbers for a monolith. Effective? Crazy? Or just plain dumb?
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Default Re: Necron Horde

Bit of both :P.

If you want a game that is hidiously boring for both players. Do it. It will work. You're pumping out at least 120 shots at rapid fire and glancing hits will bring down tanks eventually.

A lord with orb is 140.

warriors at 18 each...

In 1750 your looking at 80 warriors + lord. Drop that to 70 to give some of the disruption fields (for combat against dreads and things).

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Necron Horde

lol true about the boring part, and it would take forever to move that many, good call on the disruption field! I'll let ya know how it goes after i paint all those warriors....so in like 5 years....lol
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