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Important fluffy questions about Necrons.
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Default Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

Do Necrons move about with some pourpose (or plan) in mind; or are they like (slightly) mindless machines? Machines that would just move systematically across a planet's surface until there is no life left?

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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

in the biginning necrons retained some of their former personality but everytime they die it fades more untill all the current ones are mindless. lords however have a much bigger degree of awareness and formulate battle plans in an instant (corretc me if i am wrong but in the rule book it quotes necron lords).

Most likely they will have a C'tan telling them where to go or the lord just drew up a plan involving those systems as they always work towards a common goal:

Destroy the warp and capture all life for consuming by C'tan!
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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

Honestly anyone lower than a C'Tan (the 4 we know of) is a mindless killing machine that detests life.

This is how I see them at least.
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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

once upon a time (this is what I found) the necrontyr made a deal with the c'tan to be immortal at a price. The necrontyr were then encased in mettalic bodys. the transfer dulled their minds and they became slaves of the c'tan. Harvesting life for the c'tan to fiest on.
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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

Yes, what NecronLord said.
The C'tan want to go OM NOM NOM till nothing is left, then they go to sleep for several thousand years and when theres plentiful life again... well you know.
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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

All necrons follow the will of the C'tan, and as was mentioned most of them have devolved into programable killing machines. Programable in the sense that there must be some battlefield order that often cannot be relayed directly by a C'tan, this power was passed on to the necron lords. While the lords have lost all their personality and freedom of thought and opinion they have retained their sense of logic and are thus able to make calculated decisions on the battlefield and relay those orders to the rest of the legion. In this way the necron lords are not simply mindless killing machines but have essentially evolved into a form of artificial intelligence. They cannot question the will of their master, they can only formulate tactics and strategies to achieve their ultimate goal.
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Default Re: Important fluffy questions about Necrons.

Most existing Necron background has them as mindless, with even Necron Lords being barely able to think. However, fifth edition leans away from this, and so really, you could have a mindless harvesting army or an actual preserved civilization.

Considering the scale of the War in Heaven, which (depending on which source you use) ranged from an entire galaxy to thousands of galaxies, there would definitely have been a massive amount of Necrontyr and, subsequently, Necrons.
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