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Static crons
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Default Static crons

Hiya everyone! Me and my friend are teaming up for a game,, each at 1000 points cause thats what he has and we are playing two other 2000 point players. I have a list as follows

Res orb

5 Immortals

2x18 warriors

Heavy Destroyer

Hints tips and tricks?? anything is welcome. Sorry for poorly written post running out of time.
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Default Re: Static crons

Was this list chosen because these are the only models you own? Also what army does your team mate play and what army's are your opponents playing? If you expand a little bit on the details we would be more than happy to help.
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Default Re: Static crons

generally, I find that lone Heavies are not worth taking. They get 1 shot per turn and are always denied WBB. The thing with Necrons is that you cannot take singles of anything and expect it to survive. Especially Heavy Destroyers, who aren't even especially good anti-anything even in threes.


On another note, shouldn't his be in the army lists child board?
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Default Re: Static crons

As Gabriel_ said, with a little more information, such as how your army will complement your allies, we can be of greater assistance. In a normal 1,000 point list I would run it quite differently, but, if you're cooperating with your ally, these may be excellent ideas.
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