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Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Necrons
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Default Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Necrons

  • Quiz is open now until the 31 June 2009 at 12 Midnight GMT.
  • Answer the questions to the fullest. If your unsure of an answer, take a guess (or just leave blank)!
  • Submit your answers to Tyndmyr.


Easy Questions
These questions are worth 1 point each.
1. Name the four currently remaining C'Tan
2. Who was the space marine partially responsible for letting the Nightbringer out of it's stasis tomb?
3. What does "C'Tan" mean in Necrontyr?
4. True or False. The largest Necron ships yet encountered have been Scythe Class Harvest ships.
5. What level of threat index did Inquisitor Lord Luthus Griadne assign to the Necrons effective immediately?
6. The N'kele Massacre had a notable instance in the city of Mbele. This raid was unusual in the fact that a child was taken by the Necrons, an "unlucky" child at that. What is the child believed to have been?
7. What planet was the location of the first recorded instance of a Necron attack?
8. What is the semi-sentient metal the Necrons are known for using? It's the same name as a rule.
9. True or False. Necrons use the warp to travel long distances.
10. Where exactly did the Emperor trap the Void Dragon?

Hard Questions
These questions are worth 3 points each.
11. When and in what system did the first Necron 'Harvest' take place?
12. What governor did the Deciever take the shape of that was a target for assassination?
13. What was the result that came from the last stand of the Firebrands?
14. What Necron event was watched by Cardinal Elyass Vallkante?
15. Of all the ships that took part in the first recorded encounter between the Necron fleet and Imperial battlecraft, what was the name of the surviving ship(s)?

Bonus Question
If this question is correct and all of the easy questions are answered correctly, it earns you a bonus of 5 points.
16. What is believed to have been the 'Boat' found several hundred metres under the surface of the planet Angelis?

As you can see, there are 30 points up for grabs in the quiz!
  • If you get all 30 points, you get a point of karma as well as a Gold Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 24 points or more, you earn a Silver Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 18 points or more, you earn a Bronze Quiz Seal.

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Default Re: Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Necrons

I I just want to notify you of a recent change in the quiz timings:
Originally Posted by Zenai
Attention! It seems that I have failed to grasp the concept of Summer thus we will really run the Quiz the entire Summer so the TOGSQC will only end at the end of August 31st.
Please enter even if you don't think you're going to win- it doesn't matter if you get a seal or not, all that matters is having fun
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