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scarabs and cover saves?
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Default scarabs and cover saves?

hi all,

ok, i think i'm over thinking things here.

1. scarabs are swarms as per the FAQ.
1 a. swarms have Stealth as per the BRB, and as such gain +1 to their cover save.
2. Scarabs also have a rule called Small target, which gives them +1 to their cover save, but not when in the open, it only boosts a normal save.

does this mean scarabs gain a +2 to their cover save?
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Default Re: scarabs and cover saves?

You're forgetting the 3+ cover save after turbo-boosting.

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Default Re: scarabs and cover saves?

i'm not talking about turbo boosting. i know they gain the save from that, but i tend to DS my scarabs, and being able to use cover more effectivley would be really good.

Even if i did turbo boost, you don't do it every turn.
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Default Re: scarabs and cover saves?

Its only +1 so far as I know...the other reading might be correct in a RAW sense, but its certainly not intended.

But the boost to a 2+ cover after turboboosting is sheer awesome, and you should be in combat the turn after that.
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