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Why so damn weak in CC?
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Default Re: Why so damn weak in CC?

Originally Posted by Atlantis
firstly necrons stink at cc cause they are slow so slow in fact that a bunch of kroot hounds could spell doom for them and they are one of the worst specialized melee units in the game but packs a punch i numbers and speed averagely 12 hounds can kill 5 necrons and in return lose 3 so sweeping with a initiative of 2they are not going to survive
Grammar is very important. It would probably be a good idea to read over your post before you submit it, as your entire post is one sentence with several topics.

Necrons don't such at CC. We may hit a little slower but we hit as hard as a marine and have a nasty habit of not staying dead. Their high leadership counter's their low initiative in sweeping advance. We also have the advantage of high numbers, the main reason necrons fail in close combat is that the opponent recognized necrons as a significant threat in a ranged fire fight. Taking away this advantage forces the necrons to fight on the enemies terms where often even our resilience is stretched to the limit and we eventually fall.
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Default Re: Why so damn weak in CC?

My experience thus far has been having warriors beaten reliably in combat by any squad able to upgrade with a power weapon, or anyting that ignores armor saves. If we only struck last, it wouldn't be such a big deal... but striking after a guy with a 10 point upgrade spells almost certain doom. He tips the tide, it becomes very unlikely to win combat, and an almost full unit of warriors runs and scatters.

I like the Necron motif. Everyone is the same, all moving forward at the same time and nobody is special. But there must be some way to limit our crippling ineffectiveness in cc other than "have a good unit nearby". Giving warriors the "stubborn" special rule would make me very happy in this respect. The way things stand it is simply FAR too likely that an expensive block of warriors will run from combat - this is the last thing one would expect from a group of undead space robots.
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