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Hidden Tomb blog for new Necron Player
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Default Hidden Tomb blog for new Necron Player

So I have decided to have a stab at Necrons,

I kept away from these guys mainly due to the fact a good friend of mine was playing Necrons and as he and I play each other on a regular basis I stayed away, The last couple of years have seen me playing Deathwing, Deathguard and Tau to name but a few but I never looked at Necrons. However I always have found my self struggling to even really finish an army besides my Deathwing and Deathguard. I always found myself getting bored trying to paint my troops choices to a high enough standard that I was happy with in quantity, Even my "speed painted" guard army took some time so my thoughts started to drift towards Necrons. I am in no way downplaying or dismissing some excellent Necron painting I have seen but I think anyone can admit even a half decent painted Necron can look a lot better than many other troops choices with a lot less effort. So with this in mind my plan is to have 5000Pt's if not more built and painted by the end of the year.

My paint scheme which I aim to use is one very much like the one in white dwarf shown a little while ago. A rusted effect very much like the one I used on my Ogre Kingdoms army's weapons which I won the Warhammer 25Th Anniversary painting comp last year with.

I will try to hit a compromise between quality and speed and will pay more attention to detail on HQ units and more impressive models like the Monoliths

I also have a Space Wolf Project atm so I will be running these side by side and if they do release more Ogre Kingdoms this year as rumored then well they may take some of my time as well

You can follow my progress on the link below.

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Default Re: Hidden Tomb blog for new Necron Player

please remove the link and put it in your signature.

Creating a post for advertizing purpose is not allowed.
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Default Re: Hidden Tomb blog for new Necron Player

Do not advertise your blog please. Use your signature for that, not threads.

Now if you want to make a thread with the pictures in it showing your progress, that is allowed. =]
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