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New necron player
Old 15 Apr 2009, 20:27   #1 (permalink)
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Default New necron player

Hello everyone

recently, i met up with a group of friends, and we ended up playing a free for all, a 1v1v1. I had my tau with me, but of my friends asked to borrow them. Now needing an army myself, i remembered that person did indeed have necrons, although a very limited amount. So i borrowed them, and started playing.

Usually, i hate playing as MEQ's i just dont like their play style, i own tau and tyranids. But having seen them played quite a bit, a took a stab at playing them, and did fairly well. I found necrons to be different, and very fun to play. My friend didnt want his necrons anymore, so i just had to buy them.

My question is, wat do i get?

At the moment, i have 40 necron warriors and 10 scarab swarms (my new favourite unit)

I know i need a lord, what would you guys recommend, foot or destroyer?

I have a vague idea of what i want, immortals look cool, and i have a good way of converting them cheaply. I also think pariahs and flayed ones look good. My one rule is no destroyers. I have seen them used so many times, i know they are good, but i want to try something different Heavy destroyers are fine. Anyways, what units would you recommend for a necron noob?

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Default Re: New necron player

I'd go w/ a destroyer lord. 30 extra pts, but good for mobility, plus one extra toughness (I think)

I'm also kind of a necron noob lol. but if I were u I would do conversions and make a squad or two of Immortals. Pariahs, idk. Flayed Ones, go for a squad, they're good.

Also, wraiths are great. I'd go for a squad or two of 3 wraiths. Tomb spyders are good for support and making more scarabs. Monoliths, only get them if ur army is gonna be 1000+ pts.

basically, buy more warriors, convert them into Immortals. buy a destroyer lord. go for wraiths or flayed ones, your choice. heavy destroyers, your choice. monolith if ur army is gonna be big.

any1 else, let me know if I'm wrong or not on this plz.
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Default Re: New necron player

A great setup that does plenty of damage is using a Necron destroyer lord with a warsycthe and a ressurection orb. you don't strictly need the ressurrection orb but i have it to give my lord resilience and to keep my wraiths my lord runs with alive. Another good thiong is the lightning field as it prevents people from charging you as it is a super-detterent. tHough this lord has no shooting attack the warsytche ignaors ALL (yes ALL) types of save and 2D6+strength for armour penetration, the destroyer body enables the lord to get to CC quick and when combined with wraiths just turbo boost everyone and your target is as good as gone, the destroyer body prevents him from instant death from S10 weapons to.

I have been playing this setup for over a year and it has never failed me although running him with wraiths is a new tactic i am perfecting and it is going well.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: New necron player

Definitely consider investing in Wraiths. I would also add a few Tomb Spyders to help with WBB. Monoliths are great in larger games for the Ordinance and teleportation. I would skip the C'tan characters until you become more familiar with the Necrons as a whole (since they are very expensive points-wise). Bottom line: have fun! Necrons are capable of offering some interesting encounters. My favorite responses from fellow gamers: "You can do what in the movement phase?!" and "Oh how cute! Little metal bugs are assaulting me....wait they have how many attacks per swarm base?"
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Default Re: New necron player

Oh thats what i did in that first game i played when i was using my friends necrons. The other person was a guard player. Aww look at those scarabs. What, 2+ cover save? Shoot everything at them! They still survived and killed a unit ;D

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