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5th Edition?
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Old 12 Feb 2009, 05:35   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default 5th Edition?

I'm sure there are plenty of topics about Necrons in 5th Ed. but I keep reading more and more about Necrons getting the short end of the stick come revision and it's making me hesitant to start building an army for them. Should I go ahead and make the army or are they looking to go south once they are revised? I don't really want to spend alll this money only to have them be nerfed or whatever soon after I bought them. Thanks for the opinions/help!
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Default Re: 5th Edition?

Originally Posted by jralexander
Should I go ahead and make the army or are they looking to go south once they are revised?
Are you talking about 5th edition or the new codex? 5th Ed is already out, any nerfing has already happened so if you buy them now they will not get any worse than they already are.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 5th Edition?

The new codex sorry. Maybe I am misunderstanding this but they have been nerfed already? I'm talking about the whole WWB to FNP, the glancing not killing vehicles, etc. Are those proposed changes? Or have they happened? I'm guessing this is with the new codex it would happen if so that is what I am talking about. I just don't want to buy them and then have a heck of time trying to put up a decent fight(not necessarily win). Hope that helps clarify... ???
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Default Re: 5th Edition?

Sadly, the 5th Ed Necron Codex isn't out yet, but there is rumours of WBB being changed to Feel No Pain IIRC.

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Default Re: 5th Edition?

5th edition has had a pretty big impact on the necrons. Our gauss weaponry can no longer destroy vehicles on a lucky hit, but our troops have become exponentially more valuable. Since troops are the only ones that can claim objectives we currently have some of the strongest, and most resilient troops in the game. The 5th edition necron codex won't be out for a while and I suspect it will follow the same pattern of all the recent codex releases back to the new eldar and dark angels. The codex will reflect the current 5th edition rules and (hopefully) give us a wider spectrum of unit choices. If you want to try necrons I say buy some now, test out their current rules so you get a feeling of how they work and then when the new codex is released compare the two codecies and I believe we will all see just how far behind the necrons were. You've got nothing to lose buy starting necrons now...Join the Tomb World and become IMMORTAL!!
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Default Re: 5th Edition?


Please continue the discussion there.
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