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Hi I'm new
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Default Hi I'm new

Thinking about playing necron. is this hard?
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Default Re: Hi I'm new

Wow, if that wasn't the definition of simplicity I don't know what is. When you say "is this hard?" are you referring to the necrons as an army or 40k in general? Necrons are a great starter army, not that they're any easier than all the other armies, it's just that they are quite forgiving and not overly complicated. If you have any specific questions rather than "are they hard?" please feel free to ask and we'll do our absolute best to answer.

Welcome to the Tomb World.
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Default Re: Hi I'm new

Agreed, that was an incredibly vague post. Please try and be more specific in subsequent posts.

"Think" about playing a Necron army isn't hard. But actually putting together a list and then executing in a game with said list and a little longer down the road, incorporating tactics into your games can be a bit daunting, not only for Necrons, but for every army.

Lucky, you've came to the right place . TO is filled with a plethora of knowledgeable members who are willing, for the most part, to aid you in everything from list building to modeling!

Highlighted below are a few links that may help you in your crusade to become a better 40ker:::

  • Here is the portal to the Games Workshop endorsed website that has a huge amount of fluff, tactics, and modeling articles that, while aren't too advanced, should hold over a beginner for quite a while.
  • Here is a 1000 point sample list put out by Games Workshop. Although I suggest you get your creative juices flowing, it gives you a good feel for the basics of an effective Necron list.
  • Here is the link for an army list that builds on the same base as the previous link but also gives you more flexibilty in your play. Albeit, it is 1500 points.
  • Here is the reference sheet that gives you the statistics for all of your metal monstrocities. It should be noted that it does not give point values nor descriptions of Wargear. For that information, you will have to purchase the Necron Codex, found here.
  • Here is an important article put out by Games Workshop that introduces you to the Necrons. It gives you a brief background history that is elaborated in the Codex, provides pictures of the Warrior spruce, shows you the most common method of painting your Warriors, gives you a sample scenario, and a 500 point example list. A great place to start

So far all of our links have been to Games Workshop produced articles and lists. But do not think that they are all knowledgeable when it come to Necrons. Many members of our site have much more intuitive and knowledge than the very people who produce the game! Here is the best recourse out there when it comes to the knowledge base at Tau Online. It features everything from tactics to fluff pieces. I highly suggest you go there to obtain a tremendous amount of knowledge about your chosen race.

It may be to you knowledge that all armies must include both an HQ choice and two troop choices. In both of these force organization slots, Necrons only have one options for each. The Necron Lord is the only HQ choice in that regart, albeit, he can be equiped with two different 'bodies', either the walking body or the Destroyer body that transforms him into a heavyweight and agile choice. Depending on the rest of the make up of your list, you will have to choose how to equip your Lord in regards to his body and in regards to his Wargear, which I cannot go in depth about, for it would be against Games Workshops copyright policies. Your single troop choice is the Necron Warriors, the most basic of all the Necron models, both rules wise and equipment wise. Most all Necrons are equipped with Gauss weaponry that is able to rend even the mightiest of tanks helpless. So, in essence, your entire army will have an element of anti-tank capabilities. In order to fill out these mandatory FOC (Force Organization Chart) selections, you can purchase two boxes of Warriors and a Lord from the Games Workshop Online Store (or your local indepented retailer), or you could purchase the Necron Battleforce which will make up a huge and diverse amount of a small Necron party. The Battleforce includes 28 Necron Warriors, 7 Scarab Swarm Bases and 3 Necron Destroyers, a good start for any army. Also, note that the Battleforce doe not include a Lord, so you will have to purchase that separately.

In conclusion, Necrons are akin to most every army in 40k. They have an easier, more forgivable side to them (albeit, some more than other), but once you advance enough into them and gain battle experience, they take on a completely different form, with their own distinct tactics, pros, and cons.

Hope this post help you . And good luck.
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Default Re: Hi I'm new

Extremely nice post. +1 Karma.
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Default Re: Hi I'm new

Thank you kindly .

Dossmossgo, if you need any thing else, feel free to either PM me or Ryan, the resident moderator.

Good luck again!
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