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C'tan and the imperium
Closed Thread
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Default C'tan and the imperium

The C'tan are these powerfull star gods, > sooo...if there so power full why don't they go and eat tera if they can swallow star's why can't they eat a little planet....and how did that inquistoral assasin get her hands on that C'tan phase sword beacuse i highly doubt she killed a star god's weoapon.....and onther thing why don't the star gods realse that giant dragon C'tan god they got locked up on mars that would surely kill of tera ;D
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Default Re: C'tan and the imperium


Seriously, did you have to ask? Oh well, while I'm here...

There are only 4 Star Gods in survival in the current day, The Nightbringer, The Outsider, The Deceiver, and The Void Dragon. Once there were more but the Laughing God tricked them in to preforming unspeakable acts of horror, deceiving them in to consuming each other until only the aforementioned 4 remained. Plus, the C'Tan are not all powerful beings and can be killed, although not easily. The Emperor would have been able to kill some of them if here were not in status, and the Talismans of Vaul made by the Eldar to instantly destroy the C'Tan on their arrival to the material plane. The Star Gods are terrified of psykers and where is the place with the most activity of psykers? Terra. It is there that the Astronomican is and the Choir of Psykers. You talk as if Terra is completely and utterly vulnerable. It is not.

The C'Tan Phase Sword has an unknown relationship to the Necrontyr and the C'Tan but is most definitely not one of the C'Tan's weapons. The sword itself is based on a metal of unknown composition that, through the use of highly advanced Necron physics, is capable of slicing through any object irrespective of its physical properties. The metal is most widely known as 'Living Metal' and is also found in Cypher's Phase Knife, Necron Warscythes and the metal bodies of the C'tan themselves.

The Void Dragon is in Status in Mars, not roaming freely in the cellars of the Mechanicus, free to come and go as it wishes. It is akin to the Emperor being sustained in his Golden Throne.

Being brutally honest, your questions and reasoning make you sound like a over-zealous fan boy of epic proportions. The questions have been answered and I suggest that this thread be either moved to 40K Universe or totally locked/deleted.
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Default Re: C'tan and the imperium

The question of the C'tan and the Imperium has been asked and discussed so many times it makes this question, and particularly your wording and rationale, pretty redundant. There isn't going to be any sort of definitive answer as to true history of the C'tan or what the Void Dragon is up to. What answers we can provide are based off of speculation and little bits of scrambled information found in the 40k fluff.

Rastafari Is covered the basis of the C'tan fluff and of course there is always more to delve into. In the future if you have any question regarding the C'tan or what they are up to you should word it so an actual discussion can take place, not just: "Ctan uber pwnage terra die VOID DRAGON RULEZ!!!!!"
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Default Re: C'tan and the imperium

Erm yea. Locked. There are numerous threads about the C'Tan already.
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