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Default Board Rules

Just thought I'd post these here, they will be updated soon to include more specific rules soon.

1: Obey the Site rules:
These apply to all areas. If you haven't already, then I suggest you read them.

2: Please post army specific posts in their own forum:
Sometimes it can be difficult to decide when a post is "army specific", so I'll leave it to your best judgement. However, topics such as army lists, rule queries and othersuch can generally go in a specific forum. Other topics, such as home-made armies, or how the Adeptus Arbites are organised, can go here.

3: Do not question the Moderators:
A Moderator's decision is final. If I, or any other Moderator, Global Mod or Admin decide to edit and/or delete your posts, or lock your topic, then it is our decision. Do not start another post to complain about it, as this will go very badly for you. If you feel that there has been a genuine error, PM the Mod in question, and the matter may be discussed.

4: No thread necromancy!
Topics die. It happens, and it's usually pretty obvious when it has. If a topic has not been posted in for months, then leave it unless you have something very important to add. Bumping a thread like this will usually result in the post being locked.

5: If we don't see it, it's not illegal:
We all make mistakes. I for one have, in other forums, posted things I really shouldn't have (at 3am, everyone's out to get you...). If you post something inapropriate, and delete it before we have to, then you'll be doing yourself (and us) a favour.

6: When posting army lists, do not post point costs.
You are not allowed to post individual wargear costs. You can post the total point cost of a squad or model, but you may not post the point cost of individual items. Any violation will result in immediate deletion of the list. Repeated violations will result in smiting.
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