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New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica
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Default New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

Well, 5th ed has changed some things, some ways are obvious and other one's aren't.

1. RUN - this totally changes the way C'tan can be played. Before, your enemy would need to be braindead to not simply move away from the C'tan. Now, he can close in 1.5 times faster than before - which is absolutely lethal, all things considered.

2. Sweeping advance is mostly comparison of initiative - The main thing here is that the Star God can just get into conflict, inflict 2-3 wounds, and reasonably expect the squad to try and flee - and with his higher-than-average initiative, he's got a good shot at wiping out the largest, most expensive squad you can throw him at.

3. Despite close combat having more potential for danger, the number of units attacking just went up. No more Deciever "sniping" - remember those things that have a vague chance at actually hurting him? Defenders react. On the other hand...

4. Rending is less of a threat

Remember those other armies that would try and hurt the Deceiver with their rending weapons? Well, it just got a bit harder. Those 5 wounds stretch a bit farther in the face of assault cannons, harlequins, and daemonettes.

5. No more mobile cover

Sure, he's big, but he isn't automatically a size 3 monstrosity that can shield your army.

6. Grand Illusion is better than ever - half the time

Before, to set up, you and your enemy set up in a delicate ballet, one by one. Now, Grand Illusion can't help you if you deploy second. This does mean that you would want to go first more than ever - and Grand Illusion can nullify one of the ways the game tries to give those going second a leg up.

Seeing your Wraiths or Paraihs on the left, he may have deployed his firebase far to his left - Grand illusion can usually put your units where your enemy doesn't want them to be.

This is actually the biggest change, IMHO. Your first turn advantage just got bigger. Did your enemy use his scouts move to scare you? Redeploy!

Remember, expect it to only work once, and treat anything more as a bonus.

7. He's an HQ slot

This is a minor point, and you're sure to discover it yourself soon - if you use the Deciever or Nightbringer - but you get to put him, first turn, as far up the field as you want in a Dawn of War mission. Assuming you are playing on a 4x6 board, you can hit his lines turn 2 if you get to put him down first - unless the enemy decides to run away. Use this to your advantage when thinking about objectives - the C'tan can move units off a dense cluster just by scaring them away. He'll draw a ton of fire when used this way - fire not going at your Necrons.


Run, the faster way assaults are resolved, and Grand Illusion all make the Deceiver an impressive choice as HQ for your army. His higher initiative gives him a better chance at running down a squad, so in a way he's even better than the Nightbringer in close combat. Bigger, scarier, faster and nastier than ever before, the Deceiver has, unlike the Necrons his points take up (Guass just isn't what it used to be), benefited from 5th ed rule changes. Give him a try.
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Default Re: New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

Grand Illusion has gotten worse. It used to always be useful. Now, it's entirely useless half the time.

Running has made the deceiver...both Ctan, actually...far, far better. Under fourth, it simply took a long time to get him anywhere that mattered. Under fifth, you should get him into combat at least a turn quicker, and that helps a ton.
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Default Re: New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

This will sound silly, I'm only just starting necrons (my models are coming soon), I've looked at the stats... why is the deciever a good choice? I want to use them because I like the fluff more, but if the only bonus is +1I and a special rules thats not much use, why not choose nightbringer? Sorry bout posting in an old topic... it's only on page two of the forum though
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Default Re: New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

As a general rule you shouldn't post on topics more than a month old. You may be accused of necronmancy. Ouch, bad joke...

Sure the nightbringer can shoot a lascannon out of it's eyes and gets +1 str, but both still have their uses, i don't have my codex and I haven't used C'tan so I can't say much more than that.

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Default Re: New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

Thread [glow=green,2,300]necron[/glow]mancy is alright if there is something valid, like his question.

The Deceiver is actually pretty useful. Forcing LD checks is very valuable as the consequences for failing can turn the tide of a game.
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Default Re: New 5th Ed Deciever Tactica

Mm. I guess I probabally should have just bought the codex though... (I'll have to, I'm getting a monolith and loads of immortals/pariahas/destroyers in a trade.... all I need are warriors and the codex. And possibly a c'tan.)

I began writing a story where commander farsight was decieved by the... well by the deciever (logic!) and after that I always wondered if they had much use in game...
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