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Need tips on transporting Monoliths
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Default Need tips on transporting Monoliths

Right now, I use a huge shoe box with bubble wrap on top of my two monoliths. I would like to know how you guys carry yours around, because they dont fit in my GW carrying case. Also, people keep popping my bubble wrap, which means I keep having to find more! So, a new way would be nice.
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Default Re: Need tips on transporting Monoliths

I carry my Necron Force in two of the large plastic suitcase style black GW cases. The monoliths I store in their own box, it's about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.

My Witch Hunter army is stored in 4 of the grey 80 piece cases and one black suitcase style case. I keep my exorcists, pentiant engines, and other large models in a box similiar to my monolith box.
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