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If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...
Old 16 Sep 2008, 00:43   #1 (permalink)
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Default If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

...there may be a small house rule that would work well for you guys.

I propose that whenever the Gauss rules comes into effect you treat the Necron weapon as having AP1 when used against vehicles!

This would be the simplest way to fix the dissatisfaction I've read about. That way glances are only at -1 for you guys, which still allows a vehicle destroyed result without unbalancing the Necrons.

I chose this section for two reasons to post this, if you're wondering.
1)You guys need a little more loving, it's kinda quiet in here compared to other parts.

2) I don't know if the rule would be fair/accepted so I thought you guys should take a peek first.

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Old 16 Sep 2008, 05:16   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

hmmmm I like that rule but I think the other necron haters wouldn't really agree :-\

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Old 16 Sep 2008, 05:45   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

I think that'd be a wonderful rule...In fact, I hope they adopt something similar when the necron codex is next redone. The old method was perhaps a bit too reliable, as I didn't need to gear significantly differently to handle armor than infantry, but the new method is ridiculous. This'd be a good compromise.
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Old 18 Sep 2008, 16:55   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

That seems reasonable. Well reasonable in the sense of gameplay (not reasonable to have AP 1 troops). Or perhaps make it an upgrade for them? Much like Disruption Fields?

It is really quiet in here though, guess not a whole lot of necrons are on TO :-[.
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Old 19 Sep 2008, 04:49   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

IMHO I thought that it was to easy for necron warriors to destroy heavy tanks in the previous edition. And even with the new rules, a round or two of close in fire from a necron squad will still do a number on a vehicle. By Mathhammer, to cause some type of perminant damage, you need to get 3 glances, which means 18 hits, which translates to 27 shots, or 14 guys within 12". Of course with anything looking for 6s, your millage may very dramatically. Against landraiders, monoliths and Lemon Russ' this isn't to bad. Against rhino's, its not so good - but at least you have better chances then the guys with a bolter.

What this mean is, 'le gasp' necron need to take anti-tank units to deal with enemy transports and use the guass rule against the big stuff as part of combined fire.

I wouldn't be suppirzed to see something different come out in the new codex though. But it may be in the form of an Anti-tank unit, rather then making the basic warriors better against tanks. I've already heard rumors that GW want's to expand the number and types of units in the Necron Army.
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Old 29 Sep 2008, 16:17   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

Sorry not familar with Necrons but what units do you have that are anti tank....Destroyers??? OVerall it sounds like the Necrons suffer when it comes to anti tank like the orks do just in a different way.
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

Even now, Necrons do not suffer from lack of anti-tank. You can still immobilise and take weapons off tanks, and once it's lost all its parts you can then blow it up (if you really want to).

Besides, 5th Edition makes people bring Heavy Destroyers to go tank hunting, rather than Necron Warriors. :
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Old 29 Sep 2008, 20:19   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

Mars.Techpriest. What you say sounds reasonable, until you realize that our anti-tank units are one wound jetbikes that cost more than a landspeeder. The job that is done by the heavy weapon in a Marine squad is not adequately replaced by using all our anti-infantry weapons.

The prevailing lack of sympathy to Necron's crippling lack of anti-vehicle (in 5th edition, 2 smoking rhinos full of assault marines beats a Necron list.), seems to be primarily a "serves you right" stemming from our domination of the end of 4th edition. Fair enough. We had it coming.

We can sit a few tourneys with this ludicrous combat resolution obliterating rule our WBB and the invincible rhinos ferrying maniacs with power fists into our crumbling phalanxes. Goodness knows Marines need a decent time in the sun. But ultimately, we need our anti-tank back (AP 1 seems a bit much, my preferred solution is that all gauss hits beyond the first don't get seperate rolls on the chart, and merely add one to the best hit), and we need stubborn, and some CC units while their at it. Enjoy your time, we'll be back.
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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

what about if gauss weapons count as rending against meaning that they can still pose a threat to non raiders potetialy even penatrating tanks

However you can't take out L raiders with destoyers and imortalls

I don't think it'll work but it's just a quick tought

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Default Re: If you hate the new rules for hurting vehicles...

All gauss as rending? Wow, that just screams overpowered. Although this topic is kind of old, I think it would do well to note that (from my interpretation of the first post) the proposed AP 1 value would count against vehicles only. Therefore our average gauss flayers wouldn't be as harshly penalized for their past anti-tank capabilities.

If the proposed AP 1 value came into play everytime a gauss weapon was fired, either at a vehicle or model, there would be no creature in the game that could stand up to a rapid firing unit of warriors.
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