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Necron Blog
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Default Necron Blog

Hello all,

Well I decided to make small blog-like entry for my Necrons, this will include my first thoughts on the army before a game and after.
As some will remember I made a thread about purchasing the Warrior phalanx. Well after purchasing it I got abit lazy and made up 2 warriors and a couple of destroyers. With the competition Mal has posted in the project log board I will have 500 points made up by the end of September and hopefully painted to a decent standard.

It is this competition that has got me make this thread, I knew that necrons had a small model count at 500 points but I never really understood how small. with my eldar list I am able to take a Couple of Dire avenger squads with a exarch and a Farseer with doom or guide. However this Necron list has a Naked Lord, 1 Squad of 10 Warriors and a 12 man Squad of Warriors. My plan is after this comp is over expand the force to 1000points, after play testing at 1.5K for abit I will expand to 2k. As it stands now I don't plan to expand over 2k, but that could change.

Also while I think about it I will also include my fluff for this army, at the moment I am planning a Necron Lord who develops a God complex due to some form of battle damage or malfunction in the Tomb world. This leads into my paint scheme, I have started to paint them up with Boltgun, I personally liked the way these looked, but for a painting comp I felt it was abit plain. So for the Warriors I am planning on having a metallic blue edging on the shoulder pads and maybe some blue for the highlighting. However seeing as the lord has a god complex I thought to myself he would have a few he favoured over the others so these will either have a metallic red edging or a bronze/gold colour.

For the Lord I am still working out what colours to paint him. Originally I was planning gold Highlights on the boltgun body but this may change if I do give Warriors the Gold edgings.

Oh damn I kinda turned this into a painting blog more then anything. When I get home from work and my sisters 18Th tonight I will post some more first thoughts of the army and a more in-depth Fluff write up, Possibly involving him and his Warriors defeated and because of this breaking away from the C'Tan as false gods and him going on a power trip. Eitherway more coming later

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