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Flayed ones: 5th ed WBB!
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Default Flayed ones: 5th ed WBB!

Ok so to rise to the challenge and attempt to help out with what I can I would like to pose the following Tatics thread for Flayed ones:

Knight's Guide to the Gruesome terrors wearing our brother's skin.

First things first I'd like to take a look at a broad overview of the Flayed one compared to the rest of the Necron army.

Flayed ones are one of the most unique units in a Necron army. With the advent of Brutal CC in 5th Ed. Flayed ones can give you several options due to their Initiative value. Being on part with most MEQ and nearly at the top of the Necron list they offer you the option to step out of the 'box' of warrior combat and into a dedicated unit.

Flayed ones have double the attacks of a standard MEQ and even recieving a charge they stand at a hefty 2 a piece. Add in their Str. and Toughness values and your looking at one mighty machine (by comparison of course). Being already of a quality MEQ gives the flayed ones excellent chances to wound MEQ's on a 50% average. Field them against a weaker army (T3 or worse) and they'll have a ball beating down unit after unit. The toughness stat is higher then average and gives the flayed ones a good chance of not taking a wound on S3 or less hits. Following up with the wbb roll if we fail a save, will give the Flayed ones staying power and longevity in the face of tougher opponents or for those who roll bad.

Tossing in the Terrifying visage rule and they add to this role even further. Fighting low leadership squads (kroot come to mind) they can force your opponent to struggle to become an effective opponent in CC against them.

Points wise flayed ones cost as much as warriors, with more attacks in combat albiet at the cost of a ranged option. Move through cover will give you mobility that can't be beaten by footsloggers and thus you can capitolize on those terrain pieces all over the place.

now for the Jucy part:


There are several roles the Flayed ones can support in your army, they have five(!!!) options to deploy onto the field of battle, and dpending on your opponent and how you want to work out the support you give them you can really do some damage to an enemy.

1. Normal deployment - Useful in it's own right, definatly depends on the scenario and opponent played.

2. Reserve and turn 2 walk on - this is my least favorite and the hardest to justify, but Assuming you plan for them to do something spectacular by making this deployment move then by all means use it.

3. Infiltrate - Yep, put em where you want em. you'll most of the time end up 24" or so from your opponent but this can set you up with a great ambush unit or possibly a second turn combat.

4. Deepstrike - With the more successful (usually) deepstrike rules in effect with 5th ed, dropping several units of Flayed ones into your opponents lines will scare him to death (lol >.&gt and leave you to harvest souls all day. Combined with already advancing troops and such this can set up a decent hole your opponent will hate to have to dig out of.

5. Outflank - The newest and scariest thing you can do with these age old monsters, outflanking gives you the option to take get into that soft flank and take down those scary things in the back, or present your opponent with another variable to his plan.


"How do I use these and what are they for knight?!"

Simple, they are shock troops. Plain and simple. Lets take a look at a few uses of these undead mechanical daemons, the first use I'll put them up to is a counter assualting unit, they will shamble behind your wariors, awaiting that fateful charge that comes to dish out death to your I2 skeletons of metal and wipe them from the board. But wait, lurking just behind are these beasties. Once your opponent has launced an assault against you, take the fight to him, make sure to keep these guys close enough that the very next turn you have will see him swamped down in Beasties. For this role 1-2 squads is all that is required, support them with a Lord with a res orb, lightning field, Phase shifter, and Gaze of flame (the standard loadout for the CC lord in most cases.) Keep the staff of light, the power weapon and shooting ability is a double threat to most things.

The next great tactic I pose for Flayed ones is the Flanking kill. This tactic requires at least 2-3 units of Flayed ones. You hold them in reserve and enter the field via Flank. Basically this works the same as the Genestealer flank. when they come on your opponent will likely have placed something squishy against the back of the board or the sides (even I've done it with reapers to my dismay) and you see these nasties come onto the board, walk up and pummel your squishy. Broadsides, reapers, Whirlwinds, biovores, and any other sit back and shoot you type units or even those annoying stationary Lascannon tac squads are all targets for this beast of a unit. taking two drastically increases your chance to get them on that table edge you need them on, instead of ending up in a bad spot ^_^.

Next we can look at the Shock troop deepstrike aspect. Imagine your opponent's carefully laied plans nearing fruition when BAM! two units of Flayed ones and a Lord land in the middle of his carefully laied lines! taking the Combat aspect lord, only with a shroud this time in exchange for the lightning field (or the gaze), drop the lord within 2 inches of the unit (and hope not to scatter) and he'll become deepstrike attached to the unit. Now you have multiple units to soak fire whats left will chomp through your opponent. But lets not forget that he'll have to deal with the rest of your force, so either way something will live to harvest, be it warrior, destoryer, or Flayed one.

Final Tatic currently floating in my mind is the Litport Assault. Playing with two monoliths you move them implacibly towards your opponent, when near enough Port those Flayed ones through and let the games begin. Support with the Combat lord and life is a party! Aim for the weakest point in the opponents lines, and you'll do great.


Flayed ones, like any unit, have their flaws. They still can't stand toe to toe with super hard hitting units like terminators, They do indeed cost as much as warriors and still don't count as scoring units. They have no ranged options, and so you must get them up close and personal to make it count. Fast armies are an adept opponent to avoid Necrons, watch for those fast Tau and Eldar armies, they will run around you in circles and bid their time to catch the flayed ones alone where they can be picked off easy from a ranged barrage of bladestorm or rapidfire.


With 5th Ed giving necrons a harder time, since they're a 3rd Ed codex, we must all find new and inventive ways to use these old units. Hopefull this have given some spark back into your Skin wearing goulies, and I want to hear that you used them to Great effect! And if you don't have some of these guys, go grab a few and see how it goes...who knows they could be the MVP for your game! Happy Harvesting....

“If I were a proper brother-captain, I would know the prayer we are supposed to say. But I think you all know what we have to do. We do not know what our chances of survival are, so we fight as if they were zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight as if it was the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us now and we may never be buried beneath Titan, so we will build our own memorial here. The Chapter might lose us and the Imperium might never know we existed, but the Enemy - the Enemy will know. The Enemy will remember." - Acting Brother-Capitan Alric of the Grey Knights.
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