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wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?
Old 06 Aug 2008, 05:47   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Location: Baltimore
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Default wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

well i need some new stuff for my necrons to help me out in 5th

if i go wraiths im gonna pick up 6 of them i already have 3,destroyers id probable get 4 so i can have 2 units of 5 and as for monoliths i was just thinking about picking up the 2 in the Apocalypse pack

id really like to try wraiths but i dont see to many people saying they have done great things for them, so im in a rut and cant decide

thanks in advanced
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Default Re: wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

i guess its all up to you, monoliths have the whip attack which is really high powered. But destroyers fire way more shots then the monolith. :P

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Default Re: wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

To help out in 5th. Well, I couldn't imagine going 6 wraiths. I use them strictly as counter chargers, as in "you charge my warriors, and my wraiths will charge YOU" sort of thing. If 3 wraiths can;t take them down with the warriors, 6 won't either; but I don't know perhaps you are one with the wraiths. In all, the wraiths haven't done much for me (one wound is just a bit too fragile).

Now the destroyers, there is a unit that consistently performs well. Two units of five would do well instead of your current two squads of 3. As a sidenote, have you thought of heavy destroyers? With the 5th glancing taking our damage down one on the damage table your warrior gauss spam won't take out vehicles as much as before. Not to mention the big AV 14 threats. (And heavy destroyers come with full destroyer parts anyways last I bought a squad).

Monoliths are, so, pretty. Two of them would surely strike terror into the hearts of the living. That or make their hearts find the silver lining that two monoliths is that many fewer points less the make phase out.

If I was a gambling man, I would pick up the Apoc. monoliths. If I felt like adding a solid addition to my force I would get the destroyers. If I wanted to paint some more wraiths, then I would buy them (I still love the model for the wraith).

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Baltimore
Posts: 35
Default Re: wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

well the wraith thing i was just wanting to try, cause i don't field the ones i have at all really.destroyers have always done so much for me thats, iv played games where my destroyers pretty much won me the game and its was only 6 of them so i can only imagine how much more i could do with them with 4 more.as for heavy destroyers i have 3 of them they do ok,but non of my main oppents run a really heavy vehicle army so i usually use them to take out special characters. and yes monoliths do take up alot of points but if i got 2 more and modeled my other one as a doomsday monolith i could run the new doomsday phalanx, witch would be awesome,

il probable give myself a little more time to decide but thanks for your input
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

Never had much luck killing things with my monolith (I was so pissed off when I found out it couldn't shoot the particle whip and the flux arcs in the same turn, dawn of war got my hopes up) it usually just supports my troops that are being mauled by nasty things like possessed marines. Destroyers, well you can never have too many of them as they just kick ass all the time, but use up some serious points in numbers. Wraiths are pretty awesome if your opponent under estimates them, killing all but the most heavily armoured tanks and being a real pain in the ass for guys who are big on shooting (or pissing off the guys with power weapons) I'd have a few packs of two letting the opponent waste precious time trying to kill them, or making the fatal mistake of letting them live. (And yes I am well aware that they aren't actually alive in the first place and thats why we love them) Hope that helps, I love wraiths. They've been so much more helpful than heavy destroyers for me, who just end up dying and failing to kill anything... I fight the tau a lot, which may explain this.
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Old 21 Aug 2008, 23:51   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: wraiths,monoliths or destroyers?

I've often used the Monolith's flux arc over several turns to decimate gun lines of Guard.

The teleport is invaluable - DS your monoliths (which don't suffer DS mishaps for landing on units) and teleport your units forward into the fray from safety, or to the front lines. You CAN teleport and flux arc. Flux arc is also gauss, so it can affect vehicles and building occupants as well.

Wraiths are nastier now, I hear, though I've never used mine.

Never hurts ot have a lot of destroyers.

The Phalanx is a really good value if you can save up for it - 48 warriors, 12 scarab bases, 6 destroyers, a monolith, and a lord. It's $325 worth of models for $180 - that's 45% off. (4 destroyers + monolith would be $135 alone). If you have a friend that plays Necrons, maybe split the contents (excluding tax from equation, that's $6.50/warrior sprue, $11/destroyer, ~$30 for monolith).

You may want to consider a couple Heavy Destroyers, though as rap6tor pointed out, some opponents like Tau will eat them up given the chance.
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