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C'tan differences in 5th
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Default C'tan differences in 5th

Now the C'tan have not changed model wise, point wise, or stat wise, but they have changed in how they operate. From 'run' to 'defenders react' and everything in between, c'tan have a new image on the table top.

(note that this is based on changes, so many of the old ways of using the abilities will still work in the correct circumstance)

Being a MC, the cítan cannot go to ground and the 4+ cover save that could be given by friendly troops (probably a tomb spyder) is pointless due to the invulnerable save. On a positive note, the rule ' above all others' is now the standard for all independent characters not in units.

Another positive is arguably the frag grenade rule alteration. Now the cítan always uses its valuable initiative, so it will normally strike before most enemies. Of course nearly all common enemies that can hurt a c'tan strike on an imitative of 1, but some naturally stronger foes can now be struck first when behind cover and not at the same time.

Being fearless can now be a potentially huge negative. Even if the c'tan only looses by one wound (those unlucky one hit and then a rolled one to wound phases) it automatically takes another. By going directly to the save it bypasses the biggest defense the c'tan has, its toughness. A note to the wise, be careful what you decide to assault in the quest to assist friendly units. If a friendly unit is in close combat with an enemy that has a power fist/claw (yea, that likely), and your cítan joins in, then any wounds failed by the friendly unit is added to the total of failed wounds for both units. So your cítan has to make up the difference or face untold numbers of auto wounds. One third hand account is a nightbringer being dual assaulted with a unit of scarabs and both end up with 14 auto wounds because a power claw was in the unit, but not within striking range of the cítan (orks, so I assume it was pretty far away).

C'tan have become death to nearly all vehicles, with the fast ones being the only ones possibly escaping their wrath.

Let us start with the deceiver, while not my favorite of the two it is for many. It just so happens that the deceiver could also be the scarier of the two rules wise.

As usual the Deceiver has three realistically decent abilities in addition to its strong stat line.

Deceive is just as strong or as weak as it was in the first place. Immensely useful if some awesome fearless unit runs, or practically useless as now toughened vehicles decimate your ranks. There is one thing different, it is that deceive can be used and then the c'tan can run for additional movement. Of course come will argue that this ability counts as a shooting attack. I personally would say that the creators intended that the ability be equivalent to those psyker powers in the shooting phase, but they probably thought it pointless (and potentially detrimental) to say it replaces a shooting attacks when there is none to replace.

Grand illusion is either more affective or practically useless. Now that both players deploy entire armies, getting the second go at putting an army down turns grand illusion into something that can only move things from a position that hampers infiltrators (which most things, except snipers, will probably use the new flanking rules).

Dread does not change in any way shape or form. I guess it could be useful with that pariah counter assaulting (but why wouldn't you assault with your god?)

Misdirect is as useful as it ever was, however please note that you can only do it in your opponents assault phase. Combine this with the Ďdefenders reactí rule and the deceiver may be taking more than it can handle as the entire squad will be rearing for a go at him. Note that this ability could be instrumental in allowing your cítan to live from bad situations of multiple unit close combat (some big thing hitting two units at once).

On to the Nightbringer.

The lightning arc has altered from a nice little asset which assisted against MCís to an extremely useful vehicle killer or lone IC sniper. The reduction of glancing hits means having a multipurpose unit, regardless if it is a single model, something desirable. Anywhere within the lightning arcs range a vehicle can be killed, FNP negated, or wound dealt. The problem is that the lightning arc cannot be fired and the rule Ďruní still used. This could easily make some shooting phases tricky to quickly decide on.

Gaze of death may quickly become used more often than the regular attacks. The Ďdefenders reactí rule means that when your cítan assaults a group of enemies (from marines to orks) they will all get as close as possible to your god of death. I estimate that if a mob of orks reacts to your assault easily 10 orks will be fully within the template and 5 partials. This means a lot of rolling could potentially mean a lot of dead mobsters (or not that many, but still as much as what would probably happen with the normal attacks). Over all, this ability has been given a massive boost with the Ďdefenders reactí rule.

Etheric Tempest has not changed with the new rules, but it can help avoid those situations where multiple unit combats causes ridiculous amounts of free wounds on the cítan.

Over all the star gods have become much stronger (frags, run) and their abilities are in higher demand (lightning arc). For the most part I feel that the nightbringer has had a huge boost to its abilities to fight hoards, and it is now one of the best tank killers around (Its range attack is only out done by its close combat). Then the deceiver will turn into the faster of the two star gods if it can run and use its various abilities.

I hope many of you will pack a star god once in a while and take into account all of their alterations in light of the new rules.
"When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.
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Default Re: C'tan differences in 5th

Played Nightbringer in a 5th Apoc game, vs some Orks.

Once the Orks had charged, they were locked on and stuck in combat. I used Gaze of Death to kill them off, taking out 6-8 Orks every assault phase. Probably a good 25-30 orks in that mob, so it took a couple turns to work through.

Now, the Orks couldn't hurt Nightbringer... they were just tying him up until Zoggwurt got into range and turned him into a squig :'(

I think Nightbringer could make a good support power - use him to escort stick some hard hitting Necron units that you don't want assaulted by S3 or less units around him, and keep him in the midst but up close to the front line. Anything assaults them, he uses the Tempest to knock them out of assault. Granted this tactic was perfectly valid pre-5th, but I find my Necron units get wrapped up pretty quickly in assaults now, whereas before they could usually last the turn and get teleported out.
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