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Pariahs and Ork Mob rule
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Default Pariahs and Ork Mob rule

I was thinking of some anti-ork strat today, and I was thinking.

If I had pariahs in 12" of orks that had 10 orks which would put there LD at 10, would the Pariahs make there LD 7? Or does mob rule override this? If anyone has any kind of answer, please let me know where you got it, because I know the ork players at my hobby shop will NOT be happy to see there squads of orks running, and will most certainly ask for proof.

The reason I ask this is because if I attached those Pariahs with a Necron Lord with Nightmare Shroud, activated it, and sent some orks running, would be awesome.
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Default Re: Pariahs and Ork Mob rule

Due to the wording in the Ork codex saying that they substitute their leadership for the mob size instead of using their own leadership, the mob rule wins this one.

The reason is the Orks have leadership 7 doe to soulless yes, but then they substitute their leadership 7 with the mob size, making it higher.

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