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Ahem (Attempt to get a Vassal meet worked out)
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Default Ahem (Attempt to get a Vassal meet worked out)

If anyone is wondering about Necron game play, tactics, stragety, lists, and what have you, I will be offering advice based on my 3 years of experience playing them on Sunday, July 20th. I will be on Vassal from around 12 to 2 o'clock (eastern time), and would love to get a game in or just talk about Necrons in general.

If you want to play Necrons vs me, I will be fielding my Sisters of Battle.


Ps. Also, if you have a tactic that you would like to show me, because believe me I am always looking for more, feel free to show me how it's done :P
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Default Re: Ahem (Attempt to get a Vassal meet worked out)

Oh damn that would be a great help...unfortunately I have my anniversary that weekend. But if you ever hold something like this again I will be keen on attending.
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