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Tips on Necrons?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tips on Necrons?

Hey, I have some Necron models and and tips on what to buy next or how to convert a Warrior into a Immortal/Flayed one, I you do then post it right here!
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Default Re: Tips on Necrons?


This thread (which is a stickied topic) is a great guide to find out what to buy for Necrons on the cheap, it has some conversion tips that can save you a ton of money too!

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Default Re: Tips on Necrons?

Warriors can be converted into Immortals rather easily, but flayed ones you should just buy the model. =)
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Default Re: Tips on Necrons?

If I have the cash this week I might invest in a box of Warriors to convert into Imortals. If it turns out well I will post a guide here.
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